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The season of love is here. Stores are covered in pink, red heart balloons are floating everywhere and there's an unspoken invitation to eat all the candy.

But one thing will look different this year – the candy conversation heart inventory. The original producer of candy hearts went out of business, so there won't be any Sweetheart stock this year for the first time since 1866. But don't worry, the new owner of the candy company is bringing them back next year!

So, how will you say what you want to say this year without this Valentine's day staple? We rounded up some alternatives to the candy conversation hearts so you can brighten up someone's day with sugar and a sweet message.

1. Krispy Kreme conversation heart donuts

krispy kreme conversation heart donuts

Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme comes to the rescue this Valentine's Day by offering heart-shaped conversation donuts for a limited time. Similar to the original candy, the donuts come with pastel frosting and sayings like "SO EXTRA," "BE MINE" and "DM ME."

You can choose from four flavors – cake batter, raspberry-filled, strawberry and kreme, and chocolate kreme. This is a great treat for teachers and co-workers on Valentine's Day.


2. Taste-alike heart-shaped candy

sour patch kids conversation hearts candy

Photo courtesy of Frankford Candy

Just because the OG candy conversation company is temporarily out of the game, it doesn't mean you can't go with the alternative. Candy companies like Brach's, Sweetarts and Sour Patch Kids offer similar offerings that will satisfy your sweet tooth and that of your loved ones.

Pack a few of these into a small sandwich bag with a small card for friends, co-workers, and your kids' teachers.

3. Love, Oreo

love, oreo

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Let's not forget that Valentine's Day is all about chocolate.

Everyone's favorite chocolate cookie is making a limited-edition Oreo with Strawberry Creme. The packaging comes with peel-and-play stickers on the back for kids to play with while they dunk their Oreos in milk. The strawberry creme flavor is described as "pink, sweet and tangy." Look for these love-themed cookies for sale at your local grocery store.

4. Conversation kisses

conversation kisses

Photo courtesy of Target

This season's milk chocolate Kisses come with a sweet message on every piece. Wrapped on colorful foil, each milk chocolate piece says messages like "Hugs & Kisses" and "Gimme A Kiss."

It's an adorable spin on the classic and if your other half prefers chocolate versus candy, this is a fun treat to give them on Valentine's Day. You can find them at Target with an offer of 3 bags for $10.

5. M&M's cupid's messages


Photo courtesy of M&M's

This year's Valentine's Day M&M's are three times the fun. The candied-covered chocolate are three times bigger than the regular ones and come with cute messages like "UR MINE," "LUV U" and "BE MINE."

The messages are written on each piece's candy shell and they come in red, pink and white. Add them to a candy bowl at work for a rush of sugar during the afternoon slump or give a handful to your kids to celebrate the day of love after school.

Header photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash



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