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Tired of sitting in traffic day after day, or having to adhere to unreliable public transportation schedules? If you’ve ever envied those cyclists whizzing by your car, you might want to look into the option of riding your bike to work. Not only will your commute be more pleasant, but it’s a great way to stay in shape. However, being in the right location is key, as well as a few other factors. Here’s some things to consider in your quest to bike to work.

Location, Location, Location

You may want to grab your cycling gear and start peddling away, but ensuring your apartment is in a good location for making the ride is hugely important. How many miles are you willing to ride? If you live in the suburbs, you may have to bike to public transportation to make some of your journey: does your transport system allow bikes? Take a look at apartments near where you work and see if they might fit your taste and budget.


Is Your City Cycle-Friendly?

Many US cities are taking steps to ensure their city is perfect for those who want to ride their bike to work. For example, Chicago offers cycle paths and bike lanes in many of its communities, as does New York City and Boston. Cycling commuters in Atlanta not only have bike lanes, but they also have the added bonus of busses with bike racks on the front and spaces to put their bikes on public transportation service, MARTA. Bike-friendly Greenville, SC, a smaller city which encourages active living, continues to expand its massive Swamp Rabbit Trail, and bike repair stations have popped up all over the city.

Want to know if your city is bike friendly? Check out Thrillist’s compilation of the top cycling friendly cities in America for more details.

The Sweat Solution

One of the facts of cycling to work is that it's possible to work up a sweat, particularly during the warm summer season. Check with your office to see if there’s a gym on the premises with a shower you can use. Additionally, if you’re looking to get fit, there might be a nearby gym that you can join and use its facilities. No showers? No problem. A pack of baby wipes, some deodorant and dry shampoo spray can work wonders in a pinch.

Hot Tip:  Some offices have a 'bike to work day.' If yours does, ride to work on this day to check out the lifestyle.

Storing Your Ride

All the bike paths in the world won’t matter if there isn’t a place to park and secure your bike when you get home. Check with your apartment community to see if they offer bike storage, or other secure locations to park your bike. Or ask if you can install wall hooks to simply hang your bicycle on the wall when you get home — hey, instant art! It’s also important to check with your work to see what storage options they offer, and how secure they are.

Are you ready to make the switch to biking to work? Maybe you already do and have some pointers? Get social with us and tell uswaht you've learned!



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