For many people, a bicycle is a treasured possession, for daily commutin, exercise or purely recreational purposes. But bike storage in a small apartment can be a bit overwhelming.

If this sounds like you – maybe you live in one of the Top 10 Bikeable Cities? – and your residence is a small apartment, you know the challenges of bike storage. When you’re short on space, even something as small as a bike can create an obstacle in a room.

Cycling is on the rise — the number of people who commute to work via bike has gone up by about 60 percent over the past decade, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. If you’re lucky cyclist, your apartment community has anticipated this growth and built a bike storage room for residents, like this:

Image: Venn on Market, San Francisco, CA
Image: Venn on Market, San Francisco, CA

But if you’re not so fortunate, what to do? Get creative. Here are five out-of-the-way spots to store your bike at home.

bike on balcony
Jeremy Miles – Flickr | Click image to pin on Pinterest

1. On Your Balcony

A balcony is a perfect spot for a bike — putting it outside gets it out of your living space. However, this is only a good idea if your balcony is covered. Rust is the enemy of the cyclist, so keep your two-wheeled steed out of the rain.

2.  On the Wall

If you’ve got a blank wall, you’re in luck. It’s easy to find special mounts that get your bike bike storage on the walloff the floor and out of the way. Shop online — Googling “bike storage” will get you all the info you need — or look in any sporting goods store.

Just be sure to follow the instructions and drill the mount into a stud so it’s strong enough to hold the weight of your bike. You’ll also want to check with your landlord before you drill anything major into a wall – or be prepared to do some big-time spackling when you move out.

3. Up High

bike on ceiling
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If you don’t have much in the way of horizontal space, think vertical. Some apartment dwellers rig up pulley systems that hoist the bike up to the ceiling. Like the wall mounts, this will involve drilling the mounts into something that can withstand the weight, so check with your landlord and be sure you know what you’re doing before you start.

A pulley system is one of the more complicated storage methods, but its advantage is that it gets the bike completely out of your way – you just walk right under it.

4. Behind the Couch

Do you have room to pull your couch out from the wall a bit? Simply wheel your bike behind the furniture for easy storage. This could also work behind a bed, end table or any other piece of furniture that abuts a wall.

5. In the Bathroom

Hear us out – how much time do you spend the shower? Just a few minutes per day, right? The rest of the time, that’s an unused storage spot that could be used for your bike. Just remember to wheel it outside when you want to take a shower.

Where do you store your bicycle at home?

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Image credits: Venn on Market, San Diego, CA; Flickr / Jeremy Miles;;



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