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valentines gifts for pets

Valentine's Day isn't just a day to show the human you love how much you appreciate them in your life, it's also for expressing love to your furry friend. While you collect the traditional flowers and chocolate sets from your significant other, don't forget to pass on that love to your pets.

Millennials may receive regular criticism, but there is one thing that can't be argued – they're doting pet parents and will do anything to show their love to their pets, according to the National Retail Federation.

Keep reading on to discover what fun presents you can spoil your pet with on the special day of love.

Squeaky toys

pet squeaky toys

Let's face it, squeaky toys may be enjoyable for our pets but not so much for pet owners. However, make the exception to tune out the endless noise this Valentine's Day by gifting your pet a new plush squeaky toy that they're sure to enjoy. While this present will not be appreciated by you, your pet will surely love it!


A new bed

dog bed

Wouldn't you love to be gifted a brand-new mattress on Valentine's Day? Your pet sure will. The best way to showcase your love for your furry friend is to give them a present that they'll appreciate all day, every day.

Popular brands such as Casper and Serta make top-of-the-line quality beds for your dog or cat that will appreciate lounging on throughout the day and night.

Yummy treats

homemade dog treats

Just like a box of heart-shaped chocolates, your dog or cat will love to be gifted delicious treats on Valentine's Day. Nothing says, “I love you" like quality beef and peanut butter flavored treats.

Not only will your four-legged friend enjoy their yummy gift, it will serve as the perfect toy to occupy them as you spend your day of love celebrating with your significant other.

Leash set

dog leash

While this may be a more practical gift, it's a present that your dog will appreciate on a daily basis. With an array of leashes from traditional pet stores and online boutiques, you can customize the perfect leash set for your pet. This new fashionable gift will treat any path you walk like your dog's personal runway.

A day at the groomers

dog bubble bath

On Valentine's Day, gifts typically include flowers, chocolates and a luxurious trip to the spa. Your pet is no exception. I think we can all agree that there's nothing better than our furry friends smelling fresh and clean.

This Valentine's Day, treat your pet to a day at the groomers to be pampered like never before. Include the works such as a bath, manicure and pedicure to show your love for your pet. Hygiene is the unspoken love language.

No matter how you choose to celebrate February's day of love, be sure to include your pet in on the holiday. Whether you decide to purchase them a high-quality bed or a simple treat, your action will clearly illustrate your adoration for your furry friend. A simple gift of love can go a long way in your pet's life.



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