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Is renting furniture on your radar, instead of buying?

Each year, 35 million Americans move and each move is different. While some are more permanent, others are just for a little while. In these cases, renting furniture can help save money. It can also save you time, make nice furniture affordable and is often hassle-free.

Since the average person moves 11 times during their lifetime, there's a good chance renting furniture will work for you at some point.

chart showing the average moves left in your lifetime based on age

Source: Fivethirtyeight / Census Bureau

How renting furniture works

There are usually two options when renting furniture — rent-to-own or rent-to-return. Deciding which one is right for you depends on a few key issues:

  • Your living situation
  • Where you're headed next
  • How much you actually like the rented items

Many people rent-to-own when they want an item now but can't afford to pay the full cost upfront. This option allows you to make payments that eventually pay off the cost of the piece. If, at any point, making payments becomes difficult, you can usually return the item.

Rent-to-return works like any lease. You guarantee you'll make payments for the lease period, and when that period is over, you return the item. This solution works well for people who know their living situation is temporary. It also makes your next move easier by having less to bring with you.

Either way, when you rent furniture, you'll make regular payments for the items for a set period of time.


Where to go to rent furniture

There are quite a few well-known chains out there that rent furniture worth exploring.


Cort homepage

Source: CORT

An established, nationwide brand, CORT offers furniture for every room of your home. They provide discounted furniture rental packages to save even more time when furnishing your new apartment or house.

They also offer outlet stores, with previously-rented furniture, to save even more money. There's most likely a showroom near you, so you can go in and see the furniture before you buy. Or you can order online and schedule delivery for added convenience.

2. Feather

Feather homepage

Source: Feather

Focusing on your personal style, Feather starts the rental process with a style quiz. You're then paired with furniture options that work with what you like and the physical space you have available.

As a subscription-based service, once your plan ends you have a few options. You can decide to renew your lease, swap your furniture for something else, buy what you already have or return everything. Packages are available for the primary rooms in a house. Individual furniture pieces, from well-known brands like West Elm, are available, as well.

3. Brook

Brook homepage

Source: Brook

Brook rents an assortment of essential furniture items for your home. They focus on the living room, bedroom, dining area and bathroom. There's even artwork available to help make your home feel less temporary.

Start by selecting a single piece of furniture online. Brook then recommends coordinating pieces based on your needs. You create your own package of the furniture pieces you want for a particular room. The length of time you'll need to rent and the number of items you want determines cost.

4. Aaron's


Source: Aaron's

Besides offering furniture for rent, Aaron's has an inventory of electronics and appliances for your home. It's a full one-stop shop for everything you might need.

Offering packages, special deals and sales, this national brand is a rent-to-own chain. Not only can you own your items once you complete your payments, but you can pay off your balance early.

5. Rent-a-Center

Rent-a-Center homepage

Source: Rent-a-Center

Another national rent-to-own chain, Rent-a-Center offers furniture, appliances and electronics ranging from TVs to smartphones. Assuming you'll want to buy your items, they offer a discount for paying off your balance early.

6. IKEA (Coming soon!)

IKEA homepage

Source: IKEA

As IKEA takes a stronger approach toward sustainability, it's working toward offering new services to its customers. This includes forthcoming rental services. According to Pia Heidenmark Cook, Chief of Sustainability Officer at the Ingka Group, “As small space living becomes more common, and people are becoming more conscious of their impact on the planet, they want to be less wasteful…"

Developing a subscription-based leasing program allows IKEA to maintain ownership of their products and reuse them as many times as possible. When they can no longer be reused, IKEA plans on recycling the items.

A gradual rollout of this program began with office furniture offered in Switzerland for businesses. A student furniture package is also available in the Netherlands for $30 per month.

What to do next

After selecting the best furniture company to rent from, the next step is figuring out exactly what you need for your new home. Consider taking inspiration from current design trends such as feng shui or hygge to help create a comfortable and stylish living space.

It's also important to do a local search for the area where you're moving for any other options. Local stores may offer good deals to stay competitive with larger companies.



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