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When you just can't shake that sleepiness, where do you head to get your tall, non-fat soy latte, no foam with caramel drizzle? Starbucks. No matter what city you're in, you know the Starbucks barista will get your order just right.

That jolt of caffeine made just the way you want it can stir your day into productivity quickly. There are more than 14,000 Starbucks stores in the U.S. where you can rack up your Rewards via the app for your next trip.

The best Starbucks cities based on stores per capita

If you're just not a morning person and need a Starbucks nearby at all times, there are a few notable cities in which you should live. Most are in the Pacific Northwest, although not the top spot on our list.

But slow your coffee roll, Seattle! Our rankings are based on the number of Starbucks stores per caffeine lover than anywhere in the U.S. That means more locations, fewer people and — in theory — smaller lines.

10. Scottsdale, AZ

scottsdale az

Ranked as one of the country's best destinations for golf, thanks to its sunny, desert climate and 200+ golf courses, Scottsdale is the perfect spot to grab a Frappuccino and head outside to hit a few holes in one.

Looking for a breath of fresh air? Living in Scottsdale will cost you $1,539 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

9. Portland, OR

portland or

Affordability, job availability and quality of life earned Portland a spot on the U.S. News & World Report's 2018 Best Places to Live. The city's offbeat events and hiking opportunities paired with your favorite coffee from Starbucks make for a perfect combination of good living.

If you want to wake up to foggy mornings and a Starbucks cup, living in Portland will set you back $1,581 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

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8. Renton, WA

renton wa

Located about 11 miles from downtown Seattle, Renton is the ideal Pacific Northwest setting for your outdoor soul. With major employer Boeing headquartered here and Cedar River views from most everywhere in the city, there's little not to love in this town.

Better yet, despite its slight remoteness, you still have prime access to your favorite Starbucks order. If you're ready to look West, you can snag a one-bedroom apartment for $1,505 a month in Renton.

7. Vancouver, WA

vancouver wa

Vancouver has earned top spots on various lists for the best place to live with a family. Located less than 20 minutes from Portland, it boasts scenic views, hiking and mountain climbing that will keep you energized, along with your Starbucks iced coffee from one of the many nearby stores.

At $1,165 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver, the mix of city and nature views are all worth it.

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6. Everett, WA

everett wa

Only 30 minutes away from Seattle, Everett offers increasingly affordable rents while being full of culture and winery options — and of course, multiple Starbucks to give you a daily jolt. It's even home to the oldest theater in the state.

A fan of coffee and affordable Seattle suburbs? Grab your very own one-bedroom rental for $1,277 per month.

5. Orlando, FL

orlando fl starbucks stats

Walt Disney World, Epcot and many, many Starbucks stores — Orlando has entertaining attractions and plenty of caffeine to get going. But the city doesn't only have Mickey Mouse-themed rides to offer. Canaveral National Seashore is a great place to take your morning walks with your Starbucks soy latte.

To live in Florida's fourth-largest city, you'll have to pay an average of $1,334 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

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4. Seattle, WA

seattle wa starbucks stats

The coffee chain's headquarters are in Seattle, also known as Emerald City. Whether you're strolling down to Pike Place Market or off to hike one of the nearby trails, you'll find a Starbucks just when you need it.

Seattle's rents are on the high-end of our list (but not the most expensive). You can score a one-bedroom here for $2,151 per month.

3. Bellevue, WA

bellevue wa starbucks stats

About 25 minutes away from Seattle, Bellevue has small town charm and big city entertainment options, with an array of Starbucks stores all over town due to its proximity to Seattle. Breathtaking views of the Cascade mountains and accolades for the Best Place to Live, it's a lively city to stop and drink a cup 'o Joe.

Right across from Lake Washington, you can grab a one-bedroom apartment for $2,323 a month.

2. Burbank, CA

burbanks ca starbucks stats

The city of Burbank has a high walkability score and multiple Starbucks to grab a quick espresso shot. Thanks to the city's diversity, there are multiple delicious food options and star-power due to the many Hollywood move studios nearby.

A one-bedroom in this California city averages $2,587 per month.

1. Las Vegas, NV

las vegas nv starbucks stats

What a twist! Las Vegas takes the number one spot for best cities for Starbucks lovers, leaving the brand's headquarters in the dust. But it does make sense as the city with 24/7 entertainment and the brightest neons would need the most Starbucks per resident capita. Staying awake is the name of the game.

Thinking of making the move? You can join the party by renting a one-bedroom apartment for $1,062 per month.

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The top 50 Starbucks cities

Want to see how your favorite cities rank among coffee lovers? You won't be without Starbucks in these 50 cities.


City, State Starbucks Locations per Resident


Las Vegas, NV 1 per 5,133


Burbank, CA 1 per 5,242


Bellevue, WA 1 per 5,350


Seattle, WA 1 per 5,449


Orlando, FL 1 per 5,720


Everett, WA 1 per 5,794


Vancouver, WA 1 per 5,856


Renton, WA 1 per 5,963


Portland, OR 1 per 6,054


Scottsdale, AZ 1 per 6,096


Tempe, AZ 1 per 6,381


Alexandria, VA 1 per 6,401


Roseville, CA 1 per 6,444


Pasadena, CA 1 per 6,484


Torrance, CA 1 per 6,671


Costa Mesa, CA 1 per 6,696


Pittsburgh, PA 1 per 6,720


Spokane, WA 1 per 7,003


Westminster, CO 1 per 7,051


Cincinnati, OH 1 per 7,174


Sacramento, CA 1 per 7,274


Tacoma, WA 1 per 7,359


El Cajon, CA 1 per 7,421


Kent, WA 1 per 7,556


Washington D.C. 1 per 7,711


Richmond, VA 1 per 7,829


Columbia, SC 1 per 7,830


Atlanta, GA 1 per 7,972


Salt Lake City, UT 1 per 8,022


Hillsboro, OR 1 per 8,223


Boulder, CO 1 per 8,240


Orange, CA 1 per 8,268


Santa Rosa, CA 1 per 8,346


Tucson, AZ 1 per 8,370


Eugene, OR 1 per 8,446


Vista, CA 1 per 8,464


Santa Clara, CA 1 per 8,476


Thousand Oaks, CA 1 per 8,600


Irvine, CA 1 per 8,670


Springfield, MO 1 per 8,809


Knoxville, TN 1 per 8,921


Denver, CO 1 per 9,034


Wilmington, NC 1 per 9,157


Fort Collins, CO 1 per 9,171


Reno, NV 1 per 9,217


Miami, FL 1 per 9,267


Ann Arbor, MI 1 per 9,344


Boise, ID 1 per 9,440


Gainesville, FL 1 per 9,446


Grand Rapids, MI 1 per 9,468

Starbucks on every corner

How about the top 10 cities with the most Starbucks stores? Make your guesses and check out the rankings below.


City, State Total Starbucks Locations


New York, NY 241


Chicago, IL 184


Houston, TX 148


San Diego, CA 141


Los Angeles, CA 137


Seattle, WA 133


Las Vegas, NV 125


Portland, OR 107


Phoenix, AZ 103


San Francisco, CA 93


We took cities with populations more than 100,000 according to the U.S. Census Bureau and used 8 million commercially available business listings to count the number of Starbucks locations with a mailing address in each city. We then divided each location's population by this total to determine a ratio of the number Starbucks stores for each resident to come up with our quantitative ranking. Our counts do not reflect Starbucks locations that are found inside of other stores, such as grocery stores or Target. These listings may not reflect recent stores openings or closings.

The rent information included in this article is based on February 2019 multifamily rental property inventory on and and is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein does not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.



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