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Do you prefer Peruvian to pizza night? Brazilian to burgers? Perhaps it's time to consider putting down some roots in a city that can keep up with your bold culinary tastes. Start by looking south of the Mason-Dixon Line, where the bulk of the country's 10 best cities for adventurous eaters are located.

The top diverse eating cities based on adventurous cuisine establishments per capita

We all know New Yorkers have the most total diverse eating options. But the factor that sets the cities on our list apart from the pack is the impressive ratio of international dining options per resident. From Caribbean to Creole, we ran the numbers on restaurants that cover all corners of the globe. And when it comes to adventurous eats per capita, nobody beats the Sunshine State, where four of our top 10 are located.


10. Tampa, FL

adventurous eaters tampa

If your cravings lean toward salsa and ceviche, put this Florida city on your list of considerations. You'll find a tasty array of Latin American cuisine here, along with an impressive selection of Caribbean eateries. Conch fritters, anyone?

The average one-bedroom apartment in Tampa will run you about $1,236 each month.

9. Baton Rouge, LA

adventurous eaters baton rouge

Behind Florida, Louisiana has the second strongest representation on our list, with three Bayou State cities breaking into the top 10. It's no surprise that Baton Rouge residents have their pick of Cajun and Creole eats, but the international dining scene here goes way beyond etouffee.

Looking for a place to spend those crawdads? A one-bedroom apartment in Baton Rouge will run you about $911 a month.

8. Richardson, TX

adventurous eaters richardson

Taking its rightful place at the top 10 table, this diverse Dallas suburb doesn't stop at Tex Mex. Whether you're craving kebabs or Kurume-style ramen, you'll find it among this eclectic lone star city's array of global eateries.

Everything may be bigger in Texas, but rental prices in Richardson are on the lower end of all cities in our top 10. A one-bedroom apartment here costs an average of $1,345 a month.

7. West Palm Beach, FL

adventurous eating west palm beach

The second Florida city to make the cut brings a tasty splash and a whole lot of flash to our top 10. From steak frites served trackside at the legendary Palm Beach Kennel Club to ropa vieja at one of the country's oldest Cuban restaurants, adventurous eaters in South Florida will find it all here.

Hungry for a place to settle down in West Palm Beach? The average one-bedroom pad will run you about $1,683 each month.

6. Garden Grove, CA

adventurous eating garden grove

The sole West Coast city to crack our list, this gastronomic gem is situated at the intersection of the Korean District and Little Saigon. Hot pot and Korean barbecue is only the beginning here, as the celebrated restaurants of Garden Grove offer locals a tasty tour all around Asia – and beyond.

That SoCal lifestyle in Garden Grove can be yours for $1,763 for the average one-bedroom apartment.

5. Cambridge, MA

adventurous eating cambridge

How do you like them apples? The home of Harvard has arrived on the dining scene, with a slew of diverse new eateries setting up shop in every quaint square and neighborhood. From reimagined lobster rolls to the flavors of Turkey and the Middle East, you'll find delicious food for every taste and budget.

Cambridge is the priciest city on our top 10 list. Your average one-bedroom apartment here will cost you $2,802 each month.

4. Lafayette, LA

adventurous eating lafayette

The dining scene in the cultural capital of Cajun country is quickly creeping up on its more celebrated sister two hours east and one notch up on our top 10 list. Where else can you start your day with boudin on a biscuit and cap it off with a foie gras PB&J followed by a rack of lamb? Better make time for the gym.

Lafayette is the most affordable city on our top 10 list. You can find an average one-bedroom apartment for $828 a month.

3. New Orleans, LA

adventurous eating new orleans

What can be said about one of America's best food cities? The bold, flavor-intense gumbo of culinary influences upon which Nola was built make our number three city a Mecca for the gastronomically inclined, with more iconic eateries than you can shake a beignet at.

You and your krewe can settle into a one-bedroom apartment in New Orleans for an average of $1,443 each month.

2. Orlando, FL

adventurous eating orlando

Savvy locals know there's a lot more to Orlando than theme parks, starting with its impressive multicultural food scene. Get your fill of everything from beef bulgolgi and hibiscus flower tacos to creative takes on down-home Southern specialties.

You don't have to spend Mickey Mouse prices for your pad in Orlando. The average one-bedroom here costs $1,328 each month.

1. Miami, FL

adventurous eating miami

You probably know to expect the country's best Cuban food in our number one city, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Adventurous eaters can take a culinary tour around Latin America, eating their way through Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Spain before hopping over to Jamaica and the West Indies.

While it's the best city for adventurous eaters on our list, it's also one of the most expensive. The average one-bedroom apartment in Miami costs $1,965 every month.

Hungry for more?

Got an appetite for more diverse dining? Venture beyond our top 10 to explore the top 50 cities for adventurous foodies.


City, State Adventurous Cuisine Establishments per Resident


Miami, FL 1 per 1,252


Orlando, FL 1 per 1,341


New Orleans, LA 1 per 1,501


Lafayette, LA 1 per 2,150


Cambridge, MA 1 per 2,367


Garden Grove, CA 1 per 2,387


West Palm Beach, FL 1 per 2,449


Richardson, TX 1 per 2,781


Baton Rouge, LA 1 per 2,853


Tampa, FL 1 per 3,108


San Francisco, CA 1 per 3,114


Hartford, CT 1 per 3,164


Atlanta, GA 1 per 3,425


Fort Lauderdale, FL 1 per 3,463


Seattle, WA 1 per 3,468


Hialeah, FL 1 per 3,631


New Haven, CT 1 per 3,639


Boulder, CO 1 per 3,694


Hollywood, FL 1 per 3,747


Pembroke Pines, FL 1 per 3,880


Pompano Beach, FL 1 per 3,945


Berkeley, CA 1 per 3,946


Glendale, AZ 1 per 3,981


Salt Lake City, UT 1 per 4,011


Elizabeth, NJ 1 per 4,069


Wilmington, NC 1 per 4,105


Las Vegas, NV 1 per 4,113


Paterson, NJ 1 per 4,130


Washington D.C. 1 per 4,156


Alexandria, VA 1 per 4,211


Minneapolis, MN 1 per 4,310


Ann Arbor, MI 1 per 4,338


Portland, OR 1 per 4,348


Honolulu, HI 1 per 4,380


Pasadena, CA 1 per 4,458


Newark, NJ 1 per 4,526


Richmond, VA 1 per 4,541


Pittsburgh, PA 1 per 4,582


Bridgeport, CT 1 per 4,728


Rochester, NY 1 per 4,838


Houston, TX 1 per 4,931


Burbank, CA 1 per 4,992


Denver, CO 1 per 4,997


Tempe, AZ 1 per 5,001


Inglewood, CA 1 per 5,027


Sunnyvale, CA 1 per 5,122


Charleston, SC 1 per 5,620


Renton, WA 1 per 5,632


Stamford, CT 1 per 5,688


Costa Mesa, CA 1 per 5,691

Top cities for adventurous eaters by total number of establishments

If you're just looking for the cities with the most adventurous eating establishments without any population consideration, here's how the top 10 would have been dished out.


City, State Total Adventurous Eating Establishments


New York, NY 483


Houston, TX 469


Miami, FL 370


Chicago, IL 366


Los Angeles, CA 360


San Francisco, CA 284


New Orleans, LA 262


Orlando, FL 209


Seattle, CA 209


San Diego, CA 200


We took cities with populations more than 100,000 according to the U.S. Census Bureau and used 8 million commercially available business listings to add up the adventurous eating-related businesses in each city in the following categories – Vietnamese, Latin American, Cajun/Creole, International, Middle Eastern, South American, Caribbean and African. We then divided each city's population by this total to determine a ratio of the number of businesses for each resident to come up with our quantitative ranking.

The rent information included in this article is based on January 2019 multifamily rental property inventory on and and is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein does not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.



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