which cities are best for allergy sufferers

Runny nose? Watery eyes? That feeling like you’re suffering from a cold even though the weather is beautiful? Chances are, you’re suffering from allergies. Could the city you live in actually be making your allergies worse?

With the help of some research from WebMD, we’ve rounded up the top 10 best cities to consider if you suffer from those dreaded high pollen counts. Grab a box of tissues and start researching your next move! An apartment in one of these cities could actually be life-changing.

The Best U.S. Cities for Allergy Sufferers

Methodology: For methodology, please visit WebMD.com


What Makes a City Allergy-Friendly?

Looking at the list, it would turn out that some of the most allergy-friendly cities are those who might fall into a few factors: they fall nearer to the coast, have longer periods of cold for shorter pollen cycles, or they lack the kind of temperatures that support pollen growth. Simple things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a new apartment or city.

How Does My City Stack Up?

One of the biggest offenders in the allergy stakes is pollen. Put simply, if you suffer a pollen allergy, the longer and heavier your exposure to pollen the worse off you’re going to be. Many allergy sufferers find that they’re better off in the city rather than the country, as their exposure is lessened.

If you’re suffering, Pollen.com can be a lifesaver to let you know the latest pollen counts and how your city stacks up against the competition.

How are your allergies this year? Do you think your city gets a bad rap for allergies, or do you have tips and advice as to how you handle your sniffles? Get social with Apartment Guide and let us know!



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