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If this season’s colorful foliage has prompted you to make a few changes of your own, start by turning over a new leaf—a “green” one! Adding green practices into your daily routine isn’t as difficult as you might think.


By using the following free smartphone applications, you’ll be able to reduce your environmental impact with just a few taps of the screen.

For the iPhone

Green You – ITAnyplace

Grab this application to find out just how green you are. Then learn how you can make small lifestyle adjustments to decrease your carbon footprint.  Start by completing the app’s short survey to help analyze your habits — from driving to eating to purchasing — and their potential environmental consequences. This information will help calculate your baseline carbon footprint. Then you can use the app to see how you can reduce your footprint and customize a plan to limit your future impact on the environment.

Locavore – Hevva Corp.

Locavore uses your mobile device’s GPS feature to find out which foods are currently in season near you. Eating locally-grown food when it’s in season is a great way to deliver vital nutrients to your body while they are still fresh and haven’t been removed in preparation for long-term storage or shipment. Eating locally also helps boost your local economy and eases pollution caused by transporting food long distances. Use Locavore to find local farmers markets and farms that sell your favorite foods. A collection of delicious seasonal recipes is also available, and you can even share your discoveries on Facebook.

iRecycle – Earth911, Inc.

If your apartment complex offers a recycling service with a handy guide to explain which waste items are recyclable, you’re in luck! But those of us living in environmentally-challenged communities may struggle to decode the meaning of symbols and numbers printed on recyclable products, or worse — we may not even take the time to find out. But with the free iRecycle app, you will find more than 300 different recyclable materials divided into simple categories for quick reference. Soon you’ll be sorting like a pro!

More tips on green living from the AG Blog:

For Android

Go Green – Webworks and Applications Inc.

Want to see your green skills sprout? If you’re new to the world of green living, this app is for you. Each time you launch Go Green, you will receive a new eco-friendly tip. Learn which household products are better for the environment and how to conserve energy. Watch your "green" status grow as you earn more tips.

Natural Beauty Recipe – Kiumiu Soft

Both men and women use beauty or grooming products every day that can harm the environment. Residue from soaps, hairsprays, gels and other products mix with our water supply and artificial ingredients may actually cause harm to your body after long-term use. Why not take care of your skin and hair with 100 percent natural ingredients? It’s easy with Natural Beauty Recipe’s suggested blends of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that can be found at your local market. Once you find your favorite recipes, you can share them with your friends or even submit your own mixtures. Here’s an added bonus: any mistakes or leftovers can be eaten!




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