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Let’s face it – you spend half of your life sleeping, so the bedroom really is one of the most important spaces in your apartment. Creating a comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom is key, but it’s also an opportunity to make unique, highly personal style choices.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your room and aren’t sure if you can fit in a massive headboard for your bed, never fear – you can still achieve maximum visual impact (without spending the $$$ associated with traditional headboards). Style and space can both be yours with these unique headboard ideas.

Tip 1 – Get crafty with a stenciled canvas or folding screen. has DIY folding screens that are quite inexpensive (in the $100 range). Paint a folding screen instead of a wall to go bold and bring color into the space with zero commitment (no need to give up your renter’s deposit!). Get creative with your own design, or create a bold, graphic pattern by using a pre-cut stencil. The result is a perfectly unique headboard that can move when you do. Or, pick up an inexpensive painter’s canvas from Michael’s and create your own instant artwork to hang over your bed in place of a headboard. All you’ll need is a yard of your favorite fabric and a staple gun. Both of these décor options are instantaneous and create a huge impact.

Tip 2 – Play with texture and pattern with framed wallpaper. I am a wallpaper fanatic, so I especially love this tip. If you are a commitment-phobe, you can apply wallpaper to a large-scale painter’s canvas, or just frame it like art. No muss, no fuss, and none of the headache of applying wallpaper throughout the entire room. You can even create large panels of wallpaper by using tall sheets of Masonite (roughly 8-by-4 foot sheets) as your base. This is also a great opportunity to splurge, without breaking the bank. Buy that gorgeous (but really expensive) wallpaper you love, because you only need one roll with this method! No huge financial investment here, meaning you’ll get to satisfy your champagne taste on a beer budget!

Tip 3 – Add DIY excitement with a reclaimed mantle. Mix up the purpose of items in a space to make décor exciting. An upcycled or recycled piece like a mantle has unexpected character when used as a headboard- it will bring your space to life and keep your décor interesting. You’ll also have the added benefit of reducing your footprint by using a recycled piece. You can find great, gently used pieces at your local thrift shops, antiques store or flea markets. Go one step further and line the mantle with tea lights or hang photos above to create depth and add layers of interest.

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