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water savings tips

These days, going green is all the rage. But truly reducing your footprint on the planet involves more than just a few buzz words to toss around: It's a sustainable lifestyle choice focusing on ways to preserve and improve the earth, and water savings is a big part of that. Recycling, reducing energy use and conserving water are all important elements. Even if your landlord is responsible for paying for the water usage in your apartment, it's important to be mindful of water conservation for environmental purposes. Although it can be difficult to make significant changes due to the transient nature of apartment dwelling and the fact that your landlord may not approve significant home modifications, by making a few simple changes, you can easily save gallons of water a day. Here are a few tips for conserving water in your apartment.


More than 70 percent of graduates are planning on moving to a new city once they say goodbye to their college campus and hello to corporate America.

Nearly half of all students are most concerned about finding an apartment in the “right” neighborhood after graduation. Click on the infographic for more interesting insights into what post-grads want most in their next place.

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Within minutes, a small fire can spread and grow into a deadly fire. But with a few steps, you can protect yourself, your home and your belongings. First, closely inspect your home to eliminate potential hazards. Then, use these fire prevention tips and strategies to safeguard your home.

When you hear the term country décor, that doesn’t necessarily mean a wall lined with cowboy hats and stuffed deer heads; it’s a décor style that includes muted colors, vintage fabrics and handmade accessories. When done correctly, your apartment will feel like a cozy, rustic retreat.

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Looking to incorporate country elements into your décor style? Here are a few ideas.

When asked to define contemporary décor, you may be confused with modern décor. Though the terms are closely related, there are distinct differences in the two design styles. Contemporary décor revolves more around a monochromatic, minimalistic and neutral color scheme. The design style features asymmetrical design, rounded forms and graphical patterns.

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Contemporary design features more of what’s going on in present day, and with that comes a comfortable and inviting space. Read on for pointers to turn your space into a comfortable contemporary retreat.