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A lot of expecting moms and dads panic when they find out that a new baby is on the way. Their small apartment suddenly seems tinier than Barbie’s dream house. And it doesn't help when friends and family are constantly bombarding you with the question of the year: “So... when are you moving?!” News flash: You can raise a happy and healthy child in a small apartment. It’ll take a bit of creativity, but it can be done!

Pike Place Market. The Seahawks. Rain. Beer. Biking. Hipsters. Organic eats. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. There’s plenty to love about living in Seattle. Whether you feel as if you don’t have a good grasp of the city, or you’re just looking for some hidden gems to discover, these bloggers should definitely be saved to your bookmarks. They know this northwestern corner of the U.S. better than most.

We understand that your place might never be spotless from top to bottom. And honestly, who has time for that? But if you’re focused on doing at least a little tidying up before the in-laws make their debut, here are some crafty and creative ways to quickly get your pad in better shape.

It’ll start out innocently enough. Two cash-strapped young adults decide to co-sign a lease together in an effort to save money on rent and utilities. Then something begins to happen. You see each other every day and after a while, the mutual attraction can no longer be denied. They started as your roommate, but it has quickly become much more than that. In the beginning, it’s nice to have someone to come home to after a long day. No expensive cab or train rides can keep you from seeing one another. Playing house is fun for a while - cooking for each other, binging on Netflix while cuddled on the sofa. It's the best time ever. But problems start to arise when you’re forced to be in the presence of your roommate/significant other 24/7. There’s no escape. Arguments about laundry and dirty dishes become commonplace - issues that typically only arise in long-term relationships. The union accelerates at an unnatural speed, which means that the chances of it ending well are slim to none. So, given all this, is dating your roommate worth it - even if it means saving big bucks every month?

Here at Apartment Guide, we know that renters absolutely adore their pets. In fact, apartment communities that welcome pets is a popular amenity on our website. But as we gradually shift into moving season, there’s something you should know: pet-friendly apartments are not the same thing as apartments that allow pets. Here’s the difference:

The Section 8 program aims to help people with one of the most basic of human needs: shelter. As rent prices continue to rise, programs like this can be helpful to individuals and families that just can't seem to make ends meet. But what exactly is Section 8, and how does it work? 

Hello. My name is Tiffany and I am a magazine hoarder. I have issues. I fondly recall back in the late '90s my mother was an avid magazine reader. She subscribed to a few different glossies, but I particularly remember how…