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Where can I afford to live

Like a home mortgage, monthly rent is a serious financial commitment. Before you get in over your head, you need to understand where you can afford to live. Follow these simple steps to calculate how much rent you can afford…

Moving soon? Whether you choose to hire a professional moving company or handle the dirty work yourself, you’ll need to consider how much you are willing to pay to protect and possibly replace your possessions in the event of damage, loss or theft. So what do you know about moving insurance? For do-it-yourself movers, buying insurance falls to the individual. But when you hire the services of a moving company, the options become a bit more involved. We’ll discuss the key ideas you need to know to affordably protect the things you’re moving. Read on to determine the best, umm, move for YOUR move, as it applies to understanding and pricing moving insurance.

When pet parents decide to go their separate ways, it’s important to find a custody solution for pets that will satisfy everyone affected – especially Fido and Fluffy. Read on for a look at ideas on how to handle pet custody after a break-up.

Sometimes there are too many details to consider when choosing an apartment, making it hard to make a final decision. There are many angles that might make one new apartment seem more appealing to you than another. [find-an-apartment] Read on for our some guidelines on how to channel your second-guessing toward choosing a great apartment.

Signing a lease for a new apartment can be exciting -- and intimidating. You'll be better equipped to understand your lease and catch anything that doesn't make sense if you know what to expect before looking through it. [find-an-apartment] Here are some tips on what can be found in a typical apartment lease.

Here’s some news to be aware of if you are a renter or a potential renter. The apartment leasing industry is increasingly using a new metric for approving leases: rental history.  It's becoming a key criterion for approving new leases,…

If you want to make sure you're getting the best apartment for your money, you need to focus on the details. Here are some important features you might easily overlook when looking for your new apartment.

Fall organizing tips

Spring cleaning may get good press, but we’ve discovered that fall is another popular time to air out your apartment storage spaces. [find-an-apartment] According to a recent Apartment Guide survey, 80% of people reorganize or clean out their apartment between summer and fall. The survey also revealed that 39% of people conduct major apartment cleaning once a month, while 31% perform a big apartment clean seasonally. Organizing and putting away clothes topped the list of challenging tasks for about half the respondents. To help you with your closet freshening efforts this season, Apartment Guide is teaming up with organization expert Lisa Zaslow. As you switch out summer clothes for your colder-weather wardrobe, Lisa advises that you may be sitting on a stash of cash in the form of old outfits you no longer wear. Why not make some money as you declutter by selling items which are only taking up precious storage space in your apartment? (Hint: you can even sell clothing online!)