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The hotter the weather becomes, the more you may need your apartment to become your refuge. To help you find nirvana at home this season, we're serving up some hot apartment living tips to make your summer cooler than the AC that's pumping! Check out this summer edition of your happy-at-home apartment tips.

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Here's the situation: you’re working part-time to pay for college tuition, student fees, a ton of textbooks, your meal plan, and spending money so you can have some fun with your friends. Yep, student life can be expensive, but look on the bright side. You’ve got a few years to put your Student ID to work and grab as many discounts as you can!

Renter, beware! Not all listing sites on the Internet are what they appear to be. Some hope to take advantage of you, turning your apartment search efforts into a heist of your money and time.

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You have plenty to worry about in the middle of looking for a new apartment, but you must also be aware of online scam situations and potential rental fraud. Follow these tips to help ensure you don’t become a victim!

Here at Apartment Guide, we wondered what we might learn about the price of a square foot of apartment space across the country, if we took a look at our own data. We discovered that, for properties which advertise on Apartment Guide, the nationwide median rental price of an entry-level studio or one bedroom apartment is $769. This means that half of these properties rent for more, half for less.
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Our next question: so, how many square feet might that $769 rent you around the nation? We then determined the median entry-level apartment price per square foot in CBSAs (metros) with at least 30 properties listed on the site in April 2014. The winner for most affordable space? Springfield, Missouri. California's San Jose, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara charge the most per square foot. Read on (and click the map above) to get the skinny on your favorite metros!

If a friend or relative asks you to co-sign on an apartment lease, you have a big decision to make. Helping someone feels great, and may not even seem like a big deal, but you have to be careful when it comes to the commitment of legally guaranteeing another person's apartment lease. Here's what you need to know before deciding whether to add your signature.


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