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Wondering how to find the best apartment for you? While the idea of the “best” apartment certainly varies from person to person, these tips should help you find the apartment that suits you to a “T.”

‘Tis the season! Let’s say you want to share a seasonal gift or two with your friend, partner, family member, coworker… but that person lives in a, let’s say, space-challenged apartment. There is no need to fret, dear, generous celebrant. Check out a dozen options to spread good cheer to a few lucky folks in your life. Sometimes, less truly can be more!

Moving requires timing and organization to ensure all the important details are taken care of. All that activity can actually be fun if you’ve done your homework and planned the move well. Careful organization before, during and after your relocation is the key to conquering a move. Check out these ten details you should not forget on Moving Day.

When you’re considering renting an apartment, you'll want to know what to expect from a prospective apartment community.  That’s why asking the right questions of an apartment community manager is so important.  Ask these questions during your apartment search to ensure that you have a clear picture of what it will be like to live in your new digs.

how to cook for one person

The kitchen is one place where the adjustment to living alone is most apparent: how do you cook for one person when recipes and container sizes often seem meant for more? Fear not, apartment dweller! We’ve got tips ahead for cooking alone… and loving it.

Where can I afford to live

Like a home mortgage, monthly rent is a serious financial commitment. Before you get in over your head, you need to understand where you can afford to live. Follow these simple steps to calculate how much rent you can afford before you sign the lease.

You’re excited about your new apartment, so naturally, you’re going to want to let everybody know your new address. Here is a rundown of important contacts to notify about your move.

Moving soon? Whether you choose to hire a professional moving company or handle it yourself, things can go wrong. How much you are willing to pay to protect and possibly replace your possessions in the event of damage, loss or theft? Have you even thought about it? What do you know about moving insurance? Read on to determine the best, umm, move for YOUR move.

When you’re committing to living somewhere for a year or more, a little information goes a long way. Take a few minutes to make a list of the things that really matter to you. What makes you really feel at home in a living space? Here are some questions to ask before you sign a lease.