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D.C. traffic and apartment commuting

The D.C. area is infamous for its commuting and traffic gridlock. To avoid a stressful daily commute, you should choose an apartment that's close to your workplace and has good access to public transportation. Weekday rush hour traffic is heaviest in…

Capitol Hill is the largest residential neighborhood in Washington D.C. While most of the properties within the immediate area are historic single family homes, these four nearby neighborhoods have a wide selection of luxury apartments offering stylish and comfortable amenities. They also offer easy access to the Capitol, the National Mall, the Smithsonian museums, the National Memorials, upscale restaurants, retail shops, urban plazas and parks and a wide range of entertainment venues.

Washington, D.C. insider tips

Washington D.C. is a vibrant city that showcases some of the richest culture in the nation. The population is growing at a rapid pace and many neighborhoods are experiencing a revitalization. Discover D.C.'s hip neighborhoods with apartments: a great starting point for where to live in D.C.