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think before renting

Getting ready to move into your first apartment can be incredibly intimidating; renting an apartment is a pretty big deal. There are a LOT of things to consider. When it's your first time, there can be enough new information to make your head spin. Here are the important things to think about BEFORE you start your apartment-hunting process. This list can save you from making some costly mistakes.

Arlington, Virginia Neighborhoods A Guide

Arlington, Virginia is a city of harmonious contradictions. Much of Arlington is small, quiet suburbia steeped in history and tradition. However, sprinkled throughout you'll find bustling metropolises, eclectic shopping districts, and a thoroughly modern feel. All of this is set…

When you have a pet, moving out of an apartment can be a serious struggle. Furry friends have an uncanny ability to leave lots of deposit-threatening problems in their wake. Whether you're struggling with a dog that can't avoid the…