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things to do in Orlando

Residents of Orlando have no problems when it comes to entertainment … except deciding which amazing thing to do in Orlando.  For starters, the city’s theme parks offer Florida resident discounts and annual passes, so any time you want, you can visit Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, and Seaworld Orlando. But that's only the beginning. Read on to discover all your great options on entertainment. 

questions to ask roommates

Roommates can help with expenses, but it’s important to find a good match before making a commitment.  These questions will reveal a lot about the people with whom you’re considering sharing your apartment. Are you still friends with old roommates?…

Seven Deadly Sins of the First-Time Renter

When it comes to renting your first apartment, mistakes can be deadly to your bank account and your relationships. Many first-time renters make the same type of mistakes, so here are some that people run into frequently, and some help…

Apartment rules not to break

You've leased an apartment and moved in. Now you need to make sure that management doesn't have you on their "trouble tenants" list. Here are five rules not to break, which will keep you out of trouble and help you have a good relationship with your apartment manager (and apartment complex neighbors).

Washington, D.C. insider tips

The District of Columbia is a fabulous city for new residents. As home to the federal government, foreign embassies and the headquarters to many international organizations, the city offers a vibrant place to live, work and play. Here are some insider tips if you're moving to D.C., to help you get happily settled into the nation's capital.

downsizing to move

Downsizing is both freeing and stressful. It's never easy to pare down a lifetime of memories, and most of us tend to associate our belongings with events and the people we love. Here are some downsizing tips to help make sure you don't make any mistakes, but pare down enough to happily move to a smaller home or apartment.

Orlando Florida

Moving to Orlando Florida? The city’s entertainment options are world-famous, of course, and you can be a regular visitor to the theme parks if you want, with your Florida resident discount. The winter temperature in Orlando will definitely make you smile (Orlando weather in December? Pull on some shorts!). But there are lots of other reasons that people love living in Orlando.

Public transportation in Orlando

It’s easy to get around Orlando by car, but Florida's most popular city also has lots of good public transportation. And if you travel for work - or like to fly to vacation spots - you’re also in luck. So whatever your needs, from bus to car to train, you’ll find it in Orlando.