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There’s an old saying about both fish and house guests smelling after three days, so take that as a warning to not overstay your welcome at a friend or family member’s home. Instead, arrange before you visit how long you will be there, making sure it’s no longer than two days. If you need to stay somewhere longer, offer to go to a nearby hotel for part of the trip. It may not be the most economical solution, but it will ensure you and the host remain friends after the visit. After you’ve scheduled your visit, follow even one of the tips below, and you’ll always be the guest invited to come back and stay awhile.

Also called coastal, English cottage or beach décor, cottage design is ever-spreading to the inner continental United States instead of solely found in homes on the coast. Think lots of sea glass, linen curtains, rattan chairs and white comforters – the breezier-looking, the better. [find-an-apartment] Cottage décor has become more popular in recent years because its calm, cool colors make people feel relaxed, and its mixture of upscale Hamptons style with comfortable, worn pieces is a look most anyone can afford. In the middle of February, here’s how to make your own home look a little more like a beach cottage.

Inspired by the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea and the cliff-dotted houses in Spain, France, Italy and Greece, Mediterranean home décor is as much of a breeze theoretically as it is visually. Mediterranean décor colors and textures are similar to cottage design, as they’re both modeled after water, but furniture and knick-knacks are heavier, sturdier and ornate. [find-an-apartment] Sit back, pour a glass of rosé and watch the sunset as you dream of your new Mediterranean apartment, wherever you are.

Will you be receiving new electronics, jewelry or other big-ticket items as gifts this holiday season? And (hint, hint), will you also be getting the receipts? [find-an-apartment] The holidays are an ideal time to take a home inventory and make sure all your pricey new gifts will be protected in the event of a loss: a fire, a burst pipe due to freezing, a natural disaster or even theft.

While friends are out party-hopping, spending $100 per ticket to see a ball, peach or other object drop and trying to find a taxi on New Year’s Eve, you’ll be at home, watching all the action on television. Maybe you don’t feel like fighting the crowds, spending too much money or freezing while standing in long lines, but whatever the reason, the warmth of your living room and comfort of your fleece socks sounds more enticing. Whether you have no parties to go to or just don’t want to leave your house, you can still have an amazing time staying in for the night with our tips below.

Working out and sweltering summer heat don’t mix. In some places, you may need a glass of water just for walking from your car to your apartment front door, much less after running miles in sauna-like humidity. [find-an-apartment] If the July heat wave in Seattle has you wanting to hibernate early, you can still burn calories comfortably (relatively speaking, at least) inside the four walls of the best gyms the city has to offer. Cool off by swimming laps in the pool, sipping a fresh-fruit smoothie or by sweating it out in air-conditioned cardio heaven at the following places.

It’s early March, which means that spring is less than a month away. Use the next month to get your house in perfect, organized order so you can spend spring enjoying the wonderful weather outside. [find-an-apartment] The following plan is designed to clean from high to low places in your home so you won’t have to go back over any areas. Follow the steps in order for a clean home just in time for spring, and feel free to break up the jobs over the next few weekends so the work doesn’t take up one whole weekend. These items should be done in addition to your normal weekly or biweekly housecleaning.