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Depending on how you handle stress and small spaces, the micro-living phenomenon may be a godsend or the bane of your home living existence. Keep reading to learn how living in a small space just might affect your health -- and some tips for making it work in the right tiny apartment.

Driving around during the spring means you’ll spot lots of gorgeous and colorful flowers that create beautiful curb appeal for homes. Don’t let living in an apartment discourage you if you’re feeling inspired to plant your own flowers. Grow an indoor garden using mason jars or use hanging pots to show off your pretty flowers on your porch. Another idea is to use a window box to add character to your apartment. Get started with these pointers and tips.

When you live in an apartment, sometimes it can be difficult to make it really feel like home — especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune. You usually don’t have the option of changing a lot of things in the apartment, since you don’t own the place. However, if you get creative, there are still a lot of ways to decorate your apartment, personalizing it in a unique and interesting way. Here are some unique ways to add spice to an apartment, all without lightening your wallet too much.

Living in a rental – whether an apartment or a rental home – comes with a lot of regulations. Your landlord may not approve of painting over the boring beige color on your wall, and replacing hardware or updating the kitchen comes out of your pocket. However, you can cheaply and easily add your personal touch to your rental to make it look like a brand new place.

Attention drama queens and drama kings! Life with your roommate doesn’t have to feel like a never-ending soap opera. With a bit of patience and strategy, you can use smart problem-solving skills to avoid the drama and maintain a peaceful existence in your apartment.

Indoor herb gardens are a dime a dozen, but you’ll be the talk of the community if you have an indoor spice garden instead. They’re perfect for growing in the winter because they love heat, though you’ll need an artificial light source to provide plenty of fake sunlight. Just like herb gardens, they need to be watered and pruned regularly, but the rest is a snap when you know what to do.

As your baby grows older, take some precautions to make your apartment safe and secure for crawlers and toddlers.  Here is how you can baby-proof your apartment as your growing baby explores the world around him or her.

You’ve heard about cool colors and warm colors, complimenting tones and conflicting ones and what your favorite color might mean, but what about the color of your bedroom? You spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in the house, so the color of the walls can be an important decision. Read on to find out what your bedroom wall color says about you.

A good parking space is a blessing, but you might feel your neighbor’s wrath if you don’t practice proper apartment parking etiquette. Whether you have a garage, a lot or even your own private space, it's important to always honor the right of way and follow these ten commandments of parking etiquette.