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Rent trends in Austin Texas neighborhoods

Most of what you hear about Austin these days is based on truth.

Yes, the city deserves its moniker of "the live music capital of the world" and yes, Austinites wear the trademark saying "keep Austin weird" as a badge of honor. Also yes, Austin is a city with an impressive entertainment and food scene, deep historical roots and a wide array of geographical and tourist attractions to keep people flocking to the city.

So what's it cost to live in this culturally vibrant, economically thriving capital city of Texas?

We've collected average rent data across a number of key Austin neighborhoods and analyzed them to determine both the most expensive and affordable areas of the city to live in. The data presented below reflects rent trends for a 1-bedroom apartment in Apartment Guide's inventory of available listings over the past year.

Austin neighborhoods

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Most and Least Expensive Neighborhoods in Austin

Not surprisingly, the areas with the highest average rents tend to be concentrated near the city center, with Bouldin Creek, which borders South Congress, Travis Heights and Zilker being the most expensive neighborhood in the city based on this data. Perhaps more surprisingly, several neighborhoods in the north-central part of the city, including Crestview, Highland and North Burnet, tend toward the higher end of the range, with each having average rents above $1,500 per month.

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Austin

Neighborhood Average 1-Bedroom Rent
Bouldin Creek $2,223
Holly $2,040
Downtown $2,039
Dawson $1,970
Mueller $1,937
South Congress $1,892
Highland $1,859
East Cesar Chavez $1,834
St. Edwards $1,777
Crestview $1,765

On the other side of the coin, the cheapest neighborhoods in Austin encircle the city's inner core with clusters on Austin's eastern and northern periphery. Westgate, in the southwestern corner of Austin, is the least expensive neighborhood in town by average rent price. In general, there are a number of areas scattered around town where apartments can be attained for less than $900 a month.

Least Expensive Neighborhoods in Austin

Neighborhood Average 1-Bedroom Rent
Westgate $750
University Hills $818
Georgian Acres $828
St. Johns $855
North Austin $860
North Lamar $865
Montopolis $875
Laurel Oaks $890
Lamplight Village $890
Garrison Park $899

Despite the massive growth in Austin's population – the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that Austin's population grew 2.7 percent in 2017 alone – average rents in Austin have not reached the sky-high levels seen in other large American cities. At least, not in every neighborhood.

Moreover, based on a recent Apartment Guide analysis, apartments can be found in Austin near some of the city's best public school districts for around $1,000 per month. Check out our article on finding affordable apartments near high-rated schools in Austin.

For a complete rundown of average neighborhood prices, see the image below.

austin neighborhood average rent prices


The rent information included in this article is based on current rental property inventory on ApartmentGuide.com and is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein do not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.




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