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It can be frustrating when you have little control over how your apartment is decorated. You can't paint the walls, you can't change any fixtures and you might not even change the curtains.

However, there's one thing you do have control over: The art you hang on your walls. The problem, then, is about how to find art or pictures that are truly unique. After all, who wants the same old pictures of Audrey Hepburn or Pinterest crayon art?

A spatter paint canvas is a great way to create something that is unique and stylish — something that can never be replicated, even by you! Here's how you can make unique artwork for your apartment in no time.

Always start with a blank canvas. Image: Flickr / kendrickmartin
Always start with a blank canvas. Image: Flickr / kendrickmartin

What you need

  • 1-3 canvases, any size
  • 1 flat paintbrush or sponge paintbrush
  • Acrylic paint in the colors of your choice (pick a base color, then a few accent colors that offer contrast)
  • Enough plastic cups for each paint color
  • Something to spatter paint with — paintbrushes, plastic utensils or chopsticks, for example. Make sure you have one for each color.

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How to do it

1. First, choose a base color for your canvas. It can be any color you want, but for a base color, basic tones such as black and white work best. White is obviously the easiest, as you won’t need to paint the canvas at all.

2. If you're choosing a base color other than white, use your flat or sponge paintbrush to paint the canvas. Do this outside if possible; if not, put down some newspaper to protect your floor. Be sure to paint the sides as well as the front so the entire canvas is covered.

3. Wait for the base color to dry; this could take a few hours, so it might be best to leave it overnight.

Each paint color should get its own cup. Image: Flickr / mike krzeszak
Each paint color should get its own cup. Image: Flickr / mike krzeszak

4. Pour each of the other paint colors into its own plastic cup.

5. Pick up your chosen spattering tool, dip it into the first color, then flick, drizzle and spatter away! There's no right or wrong way to do it; each technique adds to the unique nature of your canvas.

6. Continue with your other colors until you're finished.

7. Wait for it to dry, then hang it on your wall!

If you have enough wall space, create more artwork on your other canvases and hang them in a collage. If you used a black base for your first one, try white for the next — keeping the same spatter colors — and they'll look really cool together on your wall.

What's your favorite DIY art project?




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