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Apartment life has a number of benefits – and a number of challenges.

The truth is that, while trick-or-treating at an apartment complex is not necessarily the same experience as neighborhood trick-or-treating, safety concerns are similar across the board.

Whether you're an apartment dweller looking for tips to keep your family and friends safe or just curious about trick-or-treating safety this fall, we've compiled a list of Halloween safety tips.

1. Prepare kids for the possibility of pets

When trick-or-treating, it's important to be mindful of the possibility for pets. Especially at complexes where units do not have a private yard, pets will likely be kept inside.

Children are susceptible to being scared by the presence of an animal and animals can overreact to an emotional child. To avoid problems, talk with the kids ahead of time and make sure they understand not to overreact if they see an animal. This will also help you spot any potential problems so you can know which children to keep a close eye on or keep away from apartments with pets altogether.


2. Set strict rules for older kids

While you will obviously want to supervise young children throughout the entire trick-or-treating process (even if from down the hall or from a patio or balcony), older children will likely want to be sent out on their own. This is common in many parts of the U.S., but Halloween safety may mean something different where you live.

Before sending older children out on their own into an apartment complex, they should be met with strict guidelines about what they can and cannot do. Parents must use their own judgement but common sense guidelines should be included, such as:

  • Don't enter a stranger's home
  • Avoid the homes of any neighbors with which you have had conflict or a negative interaction
  • Have a cell-phone ready in case of emergency

3. Inspect the treats

This Halloween safety tip has been passed down seemingly through generations, and for good reason.

It's commonly believed that Halloween is the perfect time for ill-intentioned criminals to harm children by passing out poisoned or tampered-with candy. While not extremely common, it has happened.

Make sure your kids know not to eat any treats that are not sealed and familiar. Homemade treats are cute, but your kid needs to let you inspect them before they're eaten.

It may be more tempting for children to accept non-traditional treats like baked goods or drinks from people they assume are friendly, but for safety's sake, an adult should give the treats a once-over first.

4. Trick-or-treat early

Even if you don't need the sun to light you and your kids' apartment trick-or-treating because the doors are inside, it's a good idea to go early. Most communities have what are known as "safe trick-or-treating hours" where all families will participate at the same time.

This can be hugely beneficial for Halloween safety. If you go too late, you risk being the only family out and about and being more susceptible to danger.



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