5 Important Apartment Trends to Expect in 2019

It's a deceptively obvious statement, but the internet and its shared technology has made apartment life more attractive and more cost effective than ever before. “Thanks to smart tech, renters live a far more efficient, safe and comfortable life than those who rented just 5 years ago," RentPath Director of Research Angie Amon says.

And life should only become more streamlined for the renter in 2019 thanks to apartment complexes rising to meet their needs. The trend for safer, more luxurious units with an emphasis on keeping up with the personal use of technology will only surge.

Here's what renters can expect more of in the New Year.

1. Apartments will get sleeker and more luxurious

Yoga studios, bicycle valets, rooftop pools, car-charging stations and in-building retailers and services are going to become standard perks.

Renters will want to be sure that they're getting the most out of their rental dollar. Apartment complexes will look more and more like high-end, metropolitan condominiums.


2. The emphasis on security will only rise

While some apartment complexes will have the facilities to employ doormen and front desk security, expect to see renters investing in relatively inexpensive technology like the August smart lock, the Blink camera and the SimpliSafe wireless home security system.

Renters are going to take advantage of every security system that technology affords them – visiting their nearby Amazon Locker will be as common as their morning visit to Starbucks.

3. You won't necessarily need to be tied down to a vehicle

“Between working from home and the low cost and ease of summoning a ride through Uber and Lyft, there's really no need for someone who lives in a strategically-located apartment to own a car anymore," Amon adds.

Expect renters to gravitate to walkable communities where high-end retailers, restaurants, coffee shops and parks are all within several blocks from mixed-use rentals.

4. You can still save money – even with all the perks

The cost of living won't decrease in 2019, so in order to live in a high-end apartment complex with extras like all-inclusive gyms and rooftop lounges, small sacrifices will have to be made. Drying clothes on folding racks, biking to work instead of driving and maybe even giving up the expensive lattes from your local coffee shop and making your own at home, instead.

You'll also need to understand exactly what your rent and upfront fees go towards so there are no surprises. Do you have access to the pool as part of your fees, or is that extra? Is the on-site dry cleaner included? Know what you're paying for so you can budget appropriately.

5. Renters will require more high-tech amenities

While strong WiFi and cell phone reception were once afterthoughts when finding a new apartment (“I'll deal with it after I move in!"), these essentials along with smart devices and connectivity are going to be high on the list of “must haves."

Smart locks, remote access control and built-in charging stations with USB outlets will be on the top of every renter's checklist. These amenities will be as much about personal security as they'll be about convenience.

Needs of the modern renter

Apartments are only going to get smarter. Technology is moving faster than ever and apartment complexes are doing everything they can to keep up with the modern renter. Connectivity, going green, mixed-use development growth and security are all on the top of everyone's priorities. And if you think 2019 is going to see a boom in personal tech within apartment life, wait until you see what's in store for 2020.