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The beginning of a new year is a great time to make resolutions which will increase your quality of life. That holds true for apartment dwellers, too. Check out these apartment resolutions for 2018. Even if you only embrace a few of them, you'll be happy you did!

Purge your clothes closet

Nothing is as freeing as not having to mentally edit your clothes as you look at them. It takes energy to skip over things you've outgrown, or need repair, or are out of date.  Get rid of them. If you haven't worn a piece of clothing in the last year, donate it or consign it. You will love the feeling of looking at a closet full of clothes you actually wear and like.


Organize your drawers

Drawers are another area where we add stress to our lives without meaning to. Tackle your dresser drawers one day, and your kitchen drawers another. Bathroom and office drawers also need your attention. The kitchen likely just needs a little organization, unless you have a dreaded catch-all drawer for paperwork. Bathroom drawers are trickier: they can harbor old drugs or makeup you no longer wear.

Dresser drawers are like your closet: they hold items you no longer wear. Pitch mismatched socks, and donate clothes or jewelry you're no longer wearing. Office drawers shouldn't be too bad … unless you've been cramming old mail and unorganized files into them. Take time to get it right and you'll be thrilled in the long run.

Hot Tip: If you want to feel REALLY great, leave one drawer empty. It can become symbolic of your commitment to keep "things" under control.

Inventory your pantry

It doesn't do any good to keep food in the pantry if it's so disorganized, you're unaware what you have. So go ahead and have a good look to help with meal planning. Sort your pantry so that canned veggies are together, dried goods are together, sauces are together … you get the point. Deciding what's for dinner will be much easier once this is done.

Clean the fridge and oven

Nobody likes to do this, but having it done is wonderful. Your oven might have a self-cleaning feature: if so, turn it on at bedtime. Your fridge will take some elbow grease, but you won't be grossed out anymore when you go in for a snack. Nor will you be embarrassed when a friend comes over for a beer.

Review your budget

The new year is a great time to assess where you might be over-spending (and under-saving). There's often an area where you can save a little money, from an unused club membership to a line item that may be much larger than you think (entertainment, retail purchases or dining out are likely culprits).

If you're spending more than you should on your apartment, maybe it's time to look at downsizing to a smaller unit and save the difference.


Update one room

Give yourself a little pick-me-up by updating one room. This can be as simple (and inexpensive) as a coat of paint (if your lease allows); slip-covering a sofa; or rearranging the furniture. Linens often go on sale in January: a new bedspread makes your bedroom look and feel brand new.

Pay your rent on time!

Paying your rent on time is a great commitment to make for 2018, especially if you've been late in the past. Not only will you have a better relationship with management (and increase your chances of a good referral later), your credit rating won't be negatively impacted by a late payment.

Happy New Year!



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