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Apartment Olympics: Non-Dangerous Games That Bring Home the Gold

Break out the Team USA gear – the Winter Olympics are here! Starting today in Sochi, Russia, athletes from all over the world will come together in peaceful competition to see who deserves to stand atop a podium adorned with a medal. (The Opening Ceremonies air tonight on NBC, beginning at 7:30 EST. Competition begins Friday.)

Sure, these athletes have spent the better parts of their lives striving to compete in the Games – countless hours have been spent practicing, training, and perfecting their skills. We’re in awe of them, but we also want to have a little fun of our own while we watch the competition.

So why not celebrate by holding a mini-Olympics in your apartment? These games involve ordinary household items and won’t damage your space or, more importantly, you. Make some fake medals, invite some friends over, and see who wins gold.

Sock sliding

If you've got hardwood floors, you can have a great sock-sliding competition.
If you’ve got hardwood floors, you can have a great sock-sliding competition.

This one is especially fun if you have hardwood floors in your apartment. All the athletes should put socks on, and clear a long swath of floor space so no one runs into anything. Make sure there’s enough room to get a running start. Designate a starting point, then let each athlete slide as far as he or she can along the hardwood. Whoever slides the farthest wins a gold medal.

Hallway bowling

Don’t go out and buy bowling pins – empty plastic bottles and an inflatable ball will do the trick. Set up the “pins” at the end of the hallway, just like a bowling alley, and keep score to see who knocks down the most pins in 10 frames.

Soap bubble shenanigans

All you need for this game is an ordinary bottle of soapy water, a wand with a circle at the end, and an open swath of floor space. Each athlete blows a bubble, then gently tries to blow on it so it moves through the air. Whoever makes their bubble travel the farthest is the winner.

Hands-off soda can pyramid

Athletes will compete in pairs for this game. First, you’ll need six empty soda cans, set in a group at one end of a table, and a box of dry spaghetti noodles. Pull the tabs on the soda cans so they’re sticking straight up. Give one person in the pair a spaghetti noodle. When everyone is ready, start the timer.

One person will put one end of the spaghetti noodle in his or her mouth. Thread the noodle through the tab of one soda can, and the other person will catch the other end of the spaghetti noodle in his or her mouth. Working together, the couple will move the soda can to the other end of the table and set it down. Repeat for the other cans until they’re stacked in a pyramid. Whichever couple does this the fastest wins the game.

Balloon float

This one’s easy: Blow up three balloons, hand all three to one person, and start the timer. Whoever can keep all three balloons in the air the longest wins.

Just one card left

Get an ordinary deck of cards and set the whole deck on top of a drinking glass. The athlete will sit or stand next to the cards and start blowing on the cards until they start to fall off. The winner will be able to blow off all the cards except the last one in the deck, which will be left sitting on top of the glass.

USA! USA! How will you have Olympic-sized fun in your apartment?

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Nata-Lia, The Resort at Tanamera, Reno, NV



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