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apartment repairs

Are you  noticing a few things in your apartment that need attention or repairs?  A porch light that’s out? A shower that trickles?  A toilet that runs?   A big perk of renting is your limited responsibility when it comes to apartment maintenance. But, what maintenance does management cover?


If you have a leak, you need to alert maintenance immediately. This could result in mold which is damaging to your health and expensive to repair if not caught early. Many leases have a mold clause that requires you to let maintenance know about any leaks. In these cases, the tenant can be held liable for the mold remediation.


Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

Landlords are required to keep these safety items in working order. Depending on your community, these might be checked yearly by management. However, if either of these detectors starts acting up contact apartment maintenance immediately.

Usually, the battery simply needs to be replaced. When it starts to run low, many are designed to make a beeping noise until the battery is exchanged. Don’t postpone this call. One day can be too many!

HVAC repair

If your air conditioning or heat stops working, you need to submit a maintenance request. Typically, anything HVAC-related is considered a top priority for repair, so don’t hesitate to submit your maintenance work request.

Hot Tip: If your heat or air goes out late at night, and temperatures are extreme, many apartment communities have an after-hours emergency line to call.

Appliance repair

Management is responsible for the repairs of all appliances that come with the unit. This includes all kitchen and bathroom appliances or a washer and dryer. Appliances break due to normal wear and tear, and management understands that. However, if you broke something due to negligence, you will likely be billed.

Pest control

If you start seeing bugs in your apartment, submit a work request. Most communities have contracts with professional pest control companies who can solve the problem. Sometimes, bugs come in even with preventative maintenance. But, make sure you aren’t inviting them in either. Most leases have a housekeeping clause in them which spells out cleanliness expectations. You don’t want bugs in your home and neither do your neighbors.

Secure windows and doors

Securing the windows is the landlord’s responsibility. They need to have working locks and unbroken glass for your security. This includes the blinds too. If the blinds start to deteriorate, see if maintenance can replace them.

The doors need to have secure locks as well. If they fail to work for any reason, you need to submit a maintenance work request without delay.

When it comes to your apartment maintenance, managers want to keep you happy. If there’s something you can’t fix don’t hesitate to submit a maintenance request. The maintenance technicians are there to help.  Don’t hesitate to ask.



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Bekah Steenbock is a freelance writer with a background in real-estate and business growth. She is a native Austinite, but has called Seattle, Mankato, Milwaukee, Las Vegas and Atlanta home. Bekah, her husband, and their three children love exploring the outdoors in their spare time.