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Walking to school isn’t just convenient for busy parents, it’s a confidence-builder for kids! Being responsible enough to get yourself where you need to go is a milestone in a child’s life, fostering independence and other traits that serve well as he or she grows and matures.

Of course, where you live matters, so if walking to school is something that’s important to your family you’ll have to do your research, finding school-proximate apartment communities that will make the journey a breeze.


Safety is what it’s really what it’s all about.

Busy intersections may be of concern, so check with your school to find out which routes have crossing guards along the way. Many local organizations take a vested interest in the community’s traffic safety. Find out if yours has one – they can give you statistics on which routes are safest for biking and walking to school. And as you are looking at different apartments, just ask! Management reps will share information about the school and the ease with which resident children travel, and a quick visit to the community at the right time will yield lots of information from parents who already live there.

Generally speaking, children need to live two or more miles from their assigned school for district bus service to be mandatory. It’s a good rule of thumb to consider – depending on the child’s age of course – when looking for apartments. Don’t forget, parents who accompany their younger kids while walking to school not only enjoy quality time with their children, they get the added benefit of exercise, too.



Not too many years ago, more children could be found outside playing independently, walking and biking not only to school, but all over their neighborhoods. According to statistics from the National Center for Safe Routes to School, nearly half of all kids aged 5 to 14 walked or biked to school in 1969. By 2009, that number had dropped to 13 percent.

An increase in traffic is, in part, what’s driven the numbers down. Then parents who believe the traffic makes the route less safe also take to the roads, driving children to school and perpetuating the cycle. Childhood obesity rates have also risen in recent years, with more children relying on electronics for entertainment than physical activity. But an increasing number of parents believe their kids will be healthier – enjoying more fresh air and exercise – by walking to school.

Looking for an affordable apartment community from which your children can commute on bike or on foot? Check out Apartment Guide’s multi-city roster of cheap apartments near top-rated schools to find an ideal community that not only offers your kids a great education, but great opportunities for exercise, as well.



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