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There are few utilities that can really put a dent in your bank account quite like heating your apartment. While you want to have your apartment at a comfortable temperature during the winter, those bills can really pile up when you've got your heat going full blast. So do you resign yourself to just wearing several layers of sweaters and a coat inside?

Never fear — with ApartmentGuide.com's handy DIY apartment and home heating tips, you can ensure your pad stays toasty while you save money on heating this winter.

DIY Apartment Home Heating

Additional Tips to Make It Work:

1. Check Those Windows

  • Double check with your landlord or apartment community on adding weather stripping, plastic sheeting and/or if storm windows are available for your apartment. You'll want to ensure that you don't do anything to harm getting your deposit back.
  • Blinds are great at helping to regulate heat, but curtains can also help keep out the cold during the evening. Make sure you keep them open during the day so the sun can help maintain the warmth in your apartment.

2. Work That Thermostat

  • Don't think you can invest in smart home technology for your apartment? Think again. You can get smart home technology for your apartment even if you're renting, and take it with you when you move. Look at getting a smart thermostat that you can control remotely, or that can even be programmed to your specifications.
  • Keep an eye on your heating bills to compare rates from month to month. Knowing that you're going to have higher usage than last month due to a cold snap can help you plan ahead.

3. Get Humid

  • Finding it impossible to place a shallow pan of water near your heat register or radiator? Investing in a humidifier can really help with your heating. Added bonus: it's great for helping with dry skin in the winter.

4. Roll Out the Red Carpet

  • If you have hardwood floors in your apartment, or find your kitchen or bathroom tile just a bit chilly in the winter, invest in some rugs to add a layer between you and the cold floor.
  • Rugs aren't just limited to hard flooring, either. An additional rug can really help if your carpets are a bit on the thin side.

Sweater & Slipper Combo

  • It's a fact, turning that thermostat down will make it chillier, but that's what your winter clothes are for. Wear a cozy cardigan around the house, and ensure that your feet are covered.
  • Turning the heat off at night? Make sure your bedding is ready to rock the cold with a few extra blankets and some warm PJ's.

Do you have a top tip for keeping toasty during the cold winter months? What's your best advice for not running up your heating bill? Let us know below!




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