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Consumer Review and Tracking Capabilities Empowering Advertisers to More Effectively Manage their Brands

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) January 03, 2012–Apartment Guide, a leading resource for apartments for rent nationwide, announces the launch of Reputation Monitor, a new tool for its advertiser clients that provides online brand management capabilities.

The Reputation Monitor solution automatically and continuously monitors sources, collects and analyzes data and reports on how an apartment community is perceived by residents and potential renters, displaying detailed information on consumer conversations and reviews from multiple websites – all in one place. Accessed through a simple web dashboard, Reputation Monitor delivers valuable consumer insight, enabling Apartment Guide clients to proactively manage their online brand image.

“Reputation Monitor represents a new kind of product for this industry, and we understand the advertisers’ need for this information to more effectively reach and message to potential renters” said Arlene Mayfield, president, Apartment Guide. “Reputation Monitor encompasses innovative technology that provides our clientswith easy access to consumer feedback and insight. We will continue to refine and expand tools such as Reputation Monitor to provide valuable technology-driven solutions for our clients.”


Reputation Monitor offers: Visibility monitoring: Finds and shows where an apartment community is listed on selected web sites and key social networks; Ratings and Reviews: Finds and reports consumer ratings and reviews found on selected websites and key social networks; Mentions: Finds various apartment community “mentions” from across the web with sentiment analysis; and Competition: Displays a “share of voice” comparison among several key competitors.

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