It can be tough finding a new place to live. After looking at dozens of apartments online and in person, they can all start to run together.

Use this apartment search checklist to keep you organized and minimize stress during one of life’s most important processes — finding a new place.

  • Figure out what you want in a new apartment. List your apartment priorities including apartment size, features and amenities.
  • Determine how much you can afford to spend on rent.
  • Choose the area of town in which you would like to live.
  • Create an apartment search folder where you can keep your budget, list of priorities and details or printouts of apartments you like.
  • Search apartments online at Apartment Guide. Check the availability of apartment communities in your budget and search area.
  • Talk to property managers about what is available and what their communities have to offer.
  • Narrow your field of possible apartment communities to a few contenders and arrange to visit these properties if you can. (For details on conducting long-distance searches, read How to Find an Apartment in Another State.)
  • Gather the application materials you will need to apply for an apartment. These may include:
    – Your checkbook
    – Social Security Number/Card
    – Rental history information (list of locations and dates)
    – Personal and professional references
    – Pay stubs or bank statements to verify income
  • Visit apartment communities to get a feel for which one you might want to live in. Items to take with you may include:
    – Your list of apartment priorities
    – Information on the property you are visiting
    – A list of questions to ask the property manager
    – Pen and paper to take notes
    – A digital camera to take pictures
    – A friend for a second opinion
  • Compare apartments weighing the pros and cons of each.
  • Choose the best apartment and submit an apartment application.
  • When your application is accepted, read your lease carefully before signing it, making sure you understand all the regulations, deposits and fees.

Once you lease is signed, you can set your move-in date. For a guide to moving into your new apartment, check out the Apartment Guide Moving Checklist.

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