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what to do when you can't sleep

Living with insomnia is challenging, but when you can't sleep while living in an apartment, things can get even trickier. Even though you're wide awake, all your neighbors are trying to sleep, so you must be aware of your own activities – and how much noise you’re making.

You may think since you're up late, it's the perfect time to vacuum and watch all those loud movies with big action scenes, right? Eh, maybe not. We've got a few ideas for things to do when you can't sleep at night – and some you shouldn’t do.

DO: Catch up on some work

Do you have quiet activities to catch up on? Read a book, answer emails, write in your journal. Anything that doesn't require loud appliances or tools is pretty safe.

Make a to-do-list, stalk Instagram, reorganize some paperwork or sort mail. It just might be boring enough to put you to sleep!

DON'T: Make a ton of noise

This is a given. Things like vacuuming, moving heavy furniture or playing loud music are off the table if you want to stay on the good side of all your neighbors. Put the musical instruments away, turn off the speakers (or use headphones) and remember that there are likely people sleeping above you, below you and right next door.

DO: Exercise

It might be worth it to consider a walk around the block or some light yoga or meditation. Fresh air and getting the blood circulating is a simple way to help tire the body without making a big commotion. Just don’t do jumping jacks or lift heavy weights with grunts and all.

DON'T: Slam doors or stomp your feet

If you're up and moving around your apartment, be mindful of your doors – and your shoes. The sound of slamming doors and loud footsteps echoes further than just your apartment, especially in an empty hallway with no sound absorption.

DO: Use your hands

Something that keeps your hands busy can help you quiet your mind. Knitting, crocheting, sewing or even doing dishes can be great quiet time activities late at night. If you don’t know how, what better time to learn. You’ll have some amazing pieces to show off – or at least a really clean kitchen!

Being mindful of the noise you're making late at night when you can't sleep is extremely thoughtful to those living around you. Trying to occupy your time and mind when you have insomnia doesn't have to be difficult when you're living in an apartment. Keep in mind that people are sleeping and that the walls aren't so thick – your neighbors will appreciate the quiet and you won't have noise complaints at all hours of the night.



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