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It's the beginning of a new year, so what better time to give your living space a thorough refresher and try – really try – to keep it clean all year? We've outlined a simple list of apartment (or house!) cleaning resolutions that will help you maintain the kind of cleanliness that makes your friends think you hired a cleaning service.

1. Out with the old to make room for the new

While this resolution might seem overwhelming to you at first, it shouldn't. Carving out some time to carefully go through what you have and evaluate what you use and what you don't.

Considering each item in your kitchen, closet, or even in that junk drawer (that's more like a black hole) allows you to really think about what you want to keep, what you want to toss and what you want to donate. To prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by the task, commit to clearing out one room or area each month. You'll find that your space has a lot more, well, space!


2. Don't forget the fridge

While the idea of throwing away food is enough to make some people cringe, there might be no better feeling than having a freshly wiped-down, clean and organized refrigerator rid of jars of food that haven't been opened in ages.

Check expiration dates on everything and toss whatever looks questionable or unappetizing. Use a non-toxic cleaner to wipe down the shelves, and then put the older food closer to the front. After you have a clean slate, resolve to examine the contents of your fridge at the end of each week. You'll constantly be going through your food, so you'll waste less as the year goes on and save money at the grocery store.

3. Get all the nooks and crannies

There are some areas of the apartment that are just too easy to neglect (fan blades, air conditioning ducts, the top of the fridge, behind appliances, etc.) but dust and other airborne irritants can really build up in these places if they're never cleaned.

There's no need to do this weekly, but making a point to clean these hard-to-reach areas at least once every season is a cleaning resolution that only takes a few hours of your day. Schedule a weekend at the beginning of each season and put it in your phone's calendar, so you don't end up forgetting the time to do a thorough dusting has come again. Your allergies will thank you!

4. Clean those carpets, too

While this resolution involves a little more labor than the others, steam cleaning your carpets with a machine you can rent at the grocery store can make your apartment feel fresher than it did the day you moved in. Your carpet will look like it just had a face lift and you'll be basking in the glory of your clean home. Seeing how clean it is will motivate you to stop neglecting your once-a-week vacuum session, and your carpet will stay pristine longer because of it.



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