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You know to clean all the obvious spots around your place – floors, bathtubs, sinks, tables, etc. But are there areas of your apartment that you don’t clean, like, ever?

Here are some apartment spots that tend to get neglected most often come cleaning time:

Apartment Cleaning Mistakes: Are You Guilty?

When you think about it, it’s really disturbing how many things our hands touch on a daily basis. According to a study by Michigan State University, a sizable chunk of people don’t wash their hands after using the restroom. Even then, those that do aren’t washing correctly. So word to the wise: the germ magnet that is your apartment could be less of a bacteria-filled petri dish if you keep those hands cleaned.

More tips and tricks to keep your apartment clean and organized:

Besides improper hand washing, there’s lots of other reasons why your apartment isn’t as squeaky clean as it could or should be. Are you making these common cleaning mistakes?

Mistake #1: Using one cleaning product for everything. Glass cleaner is for glass. Disinfectants are meant to disinfect, not to clean spills and stains. Get it?
Mistake #2: Getting carried away with spray. Do you really need to pull that trigger 10 times? Calm down and read the directions, silly.
Mistake #3: Assuming that DIY cleaners are safe for every cleaning job. They’re not. Ingredients like vinegar and lemon are very acidic and will damage some surfaces. Google it.
Mistake #4: Cleaning too quickly. Some solutions need to sit for a while in order to do what they’re meant to do. A fast spray and wipe will not kill germs or bacteria. Sorry.
Mistake #5: Skipping the instructions. Too many times we go ahead and use a product based on how we think it should be used. Big mistake. Take the extra 10 seconds to read the label before starting.

Have you made any careless cleaning mistakes in your apartment?



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