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You don’t have to be a tree-hugger to want to embrace a more green commute. Not only does going green in your commute help your environment, it can also help your wallet. Considering the current gas crisis and the rising prices at the pump, wanting to go green has never been more been more beneficial.

75 percent of Americans get to work by driving solo — so green commuting offers an opportunity to make a big difference for the environment. And with many cities offering a “Guaranteed Ride Home” program to bikers, carpoolers and public transit users, there’s no reason not give one of these options a try. In fact, several communities are actually making the most of green commuting options

top green commutes for america

It's impressive that military-based communities such as Colorado Springs, Biloxi and Bremerton have embraced the green commuting lifestyle. While larger city neighborhoods such as Koreatown, NY, Hudson Exchange, NJ, Boston's Beacon Hill and Dupont Circle, DC might come as no surprise given the city's large transport infrastructure, it's surprising to find that a smaller city such as Ann Arbor, MI would also make the list.

Are you one of America’s green commuters? Think your area does a lot better than one of these? Comment below and let us know.




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