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Main Street Village Apartments in Irvine, CA
Main Street Village Apartments in Irvine, CA

A focal point in your apartment serves as a talking point for your guests, as well as a place for your eyes to focus on. The focal point sets the tone of the room; it defines the room’s ambiance, and it serves as a welcome to those who enter.

But how do you create focal points? A large art piece, an accent wall or a signature piece of furniture are elements you can use to start building your focal point. Read on for more suggestions.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace included in your living space, you can build off that. Hang a large piece of art above the mantel. You can also emphasize the fireplace with a large decorative mirror. If you don’t want to hang it, prop it on the mantelpiece to enhance the fireplace. Keep the accessories simple. Some ideas are three vases or candles of varied sizes grouped together.

For those without fireplaces and an empty wall, an easy solution is to purchase a vinyl fireplace wall decal. For the mantelpiece, hang a shelf at the top of the decal, and from there, add a large piece of art and accessories to the mantel.

Built-In Shelves
Some apartments come with a wall of built-ins that you can accessorize with your favorite objects, picture frames, books, etc. This convenient addition to your apartment will create an easy focal point for your space. Build off your current décor style and add a variety of objects of different shapes and sizes to the shelves but remember to keep it simple and leave space around your accessories. You can also make your built-in shelves stand out by painting the walls behind them a contrasting color. You can also cover the wall with wallpaper or fabric to add interest.

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Sometimes an easy solution is to reposition your sofa. Put it against the longest wall in your apartment and then hang a large piece of wall art over it. Find a piece of art that matches your décor style and personality, but make sure it also creates a statement to catch the attention of your guest.

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If allowed in your lease, pick a wall and paint it a different color from the other three walls in your space. Use color to focus attention on that particular area of the room. If painting is not an option, cover three large canvases with a fabric that will match your décor style but also stands out. Wrap the canvas with the fabric then staple it to the back of the canvas.

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Some renters are lucky and have a picture window in their apartment’s living area. If you’re one of these lucky renters, highlight the picture window to create a focal point. Frame the window and the view by hanging eye-catching curtains in a simple but beautiful fabric. Center the main seating area in front of the window. For a complete look, place an area rug beneath your furniture arrangement.

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