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In this article we provide to you with the most affordable neighborhoods for renting a property in Seattle, Austin, Washington, and Boston, based on data from Mashvisor, an advanced real estate analytics tool. Moreover, for each city we’ll show you the most affordable neighborhoods for different property types based on the number of bedrooms (from single-bedroom rental properties to four-bedroom rentals).

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Seattle runs along a north-south route defined by geography, but the best parts of town for parents looking for educational value from their dollars are only found in one direction: North. The highest rated schools are to the north and east of Seattle in a broad swath, with that swath shrinking in diameter once you factor in rent to try and identify the most affordable options.

You may have noticed that we've had a little bit of a love affair with Seattle lately. Did you catch our list of the city's top 10 neighborhoods? Or how about the Seattle blogs we highly suggest for locals? Today we're taking it up a notch by connecting with a Seattle expert for some insider knowledge about what it's like to live…

When you think of Seattle, chances are you think of rain, coffee, grunge music and the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest. So what are the city's hottest neighborhoods? We rank them according to how often they’re searched on and how many social hotspots are located in each.

Pike Place Market. The Seahawks. Rain. Beer. Biking. Hipsters. Organic eats. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. There’s plenty to love about living in Seattle. Whether you feel as if you don’t have a good grasp of the city, or you’re just looking for some hidden gems to discover, these bloggers should definitely be saved to your bookmarks. They know this northwestern corner of the U.S. better than most.

If you’re temporarily relocating to Seattle with your company, enjoying a sabbatical or looking for a place in between leases, Apartment Guide is there with resources and an easy-to-use apartment finder tool to help you find the perfect short term rental. Luckily for you, Seattle is home to gorgeous neighborhoods that have unique personalities and styles, so finding a place that feels like home should be a breeze in this beautiful Pacific Northwest city. [find-an-apartment] Refine your search on and select short term apartments in Seattle where you’ll find dozens of options. Whether you’re searching for an apartment that allows pets, one that offers a gym or a furnished apartment, you can narrow your search further by using the advanced search feature.

Former Seattle mayor Greg Nickels once referred to the city as “a city of neighborhoods,” so it’s no surprise that you can find Seattle, Wash., apartments spread throughout this beautiful Pacific Northwest city. From the free-spirited charm of Fremont to the trendy grunge of Ballard and Capitol Hill, each neighborhood possesses its own unique personality, but they manage to mingle…

These green Seattle businesses help you make a positive impact on the planet and in our everyday lives by going green. Shopping local, eco-friendly stores is a simple step for going green in your life. We know the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle – but building a sustainable planet goes beyond that. [find-an-apartment] Farmers Markets Not only will you be supporting local farmers, but the food you’re purchasing is some of the freshest produce around.

According to the Seattle Department of Transportation, roughly 36 percent of residents cycle at least recreationally, and anywhere from 4,000 to 8,000 people commute to work daily by bike. Seattle is constantly devising ways to make the city more bike-friendly, like initiating the Bicycle Master Plan, which added 129 miles of bike lanes, 98 miles of signed routes and 2,230…