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Moves are incredibly stressful and mistakes are bound to happen. But if you plan ahead and get organized, you can avoid these nine moving mistakes.

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Moving takes some serious time and energy – and lots and lots of moolah. But if you plan ahead and ask around, these seven tips can save you money on your moving costs.

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Moving a piano is no easy feat even for professional piano movers. Pianos are usually very expensive, delicate, and very important to you or other members of your family. Not to mention that they're also bulky, oddly-shaped, and heavier than you think. That said, if you can hire professional movers with piano moving experience, it's well worth your time. If that's not possible and you want to take on moving a piano on your own, more power to you and good luck. When it comes down to how to move a piano, you're going to need help and special equipment to get the job done.  Here are some tips for a moving a piano on your own!