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how to cool down apartment

Hot? Sweaty? Summer is here and it’s back with a vengeance!

While some apartment-dwellers lucked out with air conditioning, there are others that need to seek out cooling alternatives when the thermometer goes up. Whether you are looking to save a few bucks over running your air conditioning all day or don’t have air conditioning at all, l ApartmentGuide.com can  help you cooldown with these hot tips.

Keep your blinds closed.

A lot of unwanted heat comes through your windows and limiting the amount of sunlight coming into your house can help keep your house cool. Sunlight carries a large amount of heat, and blocking it out with blinds, shades and curtains can mean estimated savings of 10-15% on your cooling costs.

Leave those doors open.

Let air flow naturally through the house by keeping doors to unused rooms shut and all of the others open. Nothing halts a cooling breeze or draft quicker than a closed door. By allowing air to circulate naturally, your apartment will automatically feel cooler.

Make sure ceiling fans are going counter-clockwise.

Here’s a top trick that not many people know about — setting your ceiling fan for the seasons. Setting it for a higher speed and counter-clockwise rotation produces a cool breeze that will keep you feeling comfy.

Use this ice-cold fan hack.

Yes, this really does work. Fill a large bowl with ice or ice packs and put it directly in front of a fan. When the fan blows across the ice, it  creates a DIY air conditioner that’s sure to cool you down.

Don’t forget those exhaust fans.

While we’re on the subject of fans,  you shouldput those exhaust fans you have in kitchen and bathroom to good use! Both can suck the hot air out, allowing cooler air to move in — particularly useful after a cooking session or a hot shower.

Think about fabrics.

Are your sheets, pillowcases, pyjamas or other clothing summer-friendly? It might be time to step away from the flannel and fleece. Switching your fabrics to cottons and other lightweight material lets your body breathe easier and stay cooler. A quirky tip is to exchange your sheets for a bamboo mat. They’re cooler than cotton and you can find some made for sleeping on.

Chill yourself out.

While your apartment may be hot, there are still things you can do to ensure you’re keeping yourself as chilled as possible. Focus on wearing lightweight clothing and use a cold washcloth to cool down areas such as your head and neck. A cool bath can also be very refreshing, and don’t forget to keep downing the ice-cold drinks. You can also sleep with ice cubes in your hair or cuddling something cold, like an ice pack or frozen water bottles wrapped in a pillow case.

Make use of the night.

When it comes to cooling your apartment, nighttime is indeed the right time. Temperatures generally fall in the evenings, giving you a chance to set up some fans near your windows and suck in that cool breeze.

Stop cooking indoors.

It’s a fact: when you turn on the oven, it heats up your apartment. Instead of meals that require your oven, focus on cooling summer salads,  look into a crockpot, which can cook your food without extra kitchen heat. Have an outdoor BBQ or picnic!

Keeping your apartment cool in the summer is no easy feat without an air conditioner. What are some of your top tricks for staying cool when the thermometer is in the red?



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