Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hand soap – everything you keep in an apartment bathroom is small, but all those small things add up to one big storage challenge. Finding a place to keep all that stuff can force small-space dwellers to adopt creative solutions, particularly women who have to think about makeup and hair styling tools on top of everything else.

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If your apartment bathroom is small enough to make you claustrophobic, no one blames you. Surveys show that ample storage space is one of the top features people look for in an apartment. But don’t tear your hair out just yet — there are many ways to store all the things you need in your little loo; you just have to get creative.

1. Shower curtain with pockets

9 Bathroom Storage Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

You’d be amazed at how much stuff you can fit in the pockets of this handy caddy that hangs from the shower curtain bar. If you have some extra pockets left over, you could even store non-bathroom items in them, such as extra gloves, flip-flops or socks.

2. Towel ladder

9 Bathroom Storage Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

Linen closets are nice, but not all apartments have them. If you need a place to store your towels aside from a pile on the floor, consider a towel ladder – it doesn’t take up much space because it only sticks out from the wall a few inches. Hang bath towels, hand towels and washcloths from the rungs of the ladder.

3. Shelves over the toilet

9 Bathroom Storage Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

This oft-neglected space is perfect for installing wall shelves, where you can store personal necessities and a couple spare rolls of toilet paper. If you have a little extra shelf space, dress up your décor with a framed photo or a scented candle.

4. Mason jars

9 Bathroom Storage Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

Mason jars are great for holding all sorts of things. Set them on a shelf for easy storage right at your fingertips or, with the right hardware, attach them directly to the wall.

5. Corner shelves

9 Bathroom Storage Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

If you’ve got a corner to spare, you can wedge a small shelving unit in there. Whether it rests on the floor or is anchored to the wall, you can fit all sorts of toiletries on these small shelves.

6. Hanging baskets

This hanging basket holds potatoes, but yours can hold toiletries in your bathroom.
This hanging basket holds potatoes, but yours can hold toiletries in your bathroom.

In a small bathroom, floor space is at a premium. So why not look overhead for a little extra storage space? Tiered hanging baskets are great for storing all kinds of things (nothing too heavy, please) while leaving you plenty of room to move around.

7. Suction hooks attached to mirror

9 Bathroom Storage Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

As long as you’re not obstructing your own gorgeous reflection, make use of the space in your bathroom mirror. These hooks are great for hanging anything you need to keep within easy reach.

8. Over-the-door storage

9 Bathroom Storage Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

Don’t stop with pockets on your shower curtain – the back of your bathroom door also makes a prime storage spot. Home goods stores carry storage caddies that fit over the door, so you gain storage without sacrificing floor space. Sometimes these over-the-door storage solutions are made for shoes – but you can use it for whatever you want!

9. Under the sink

Pedestal sinks are nice, but you lose a lot of storage space when you don’t have a vanity cabinet. Make use of boxes and baskets under your sink, and hide them behind a curtain if you want to keep them out of sight.

Want more creative storage solutions? We’ve got plenty more!

What are your bathroom storage secrets? Spill in the comments below.

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