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Everyone loves secret hacks that can make life easier. Chances are you have a few things lying around in your apartment that could make things like organization and cleaning a breeze.

Make the most of your small space with these creative apartment hacks that will have you saying, "Why didn't I think of that?!"

1. Velcro remotes to your coffee table.  Things tend to clutter on the coffee table, and chances are you may have more than one remote. Just stick adhesive velcro dots to the backs of your remotes and to the sides of your coffee table. Now you can keep remotes off your table and stowed away. You could also velcro remotes to your nightstand in your bedroom.Apartment Hack: Velcro remotes to a coffee table

2. Hide a power strip in a drawer. Drill a small hole in the back of the drawer and string your power strip cord through the back. Now you can keep all your devices stowed away and charged up at the same time! You can place one in a table in your living room or put one in the drawer of your nightstand. Just remember not to overload your power strip or leave your devices charging too long, or your power strip could overheat. Make sure your power strip is turned off when it's not in use, and leave the drawer cracked so air is able to circulate inside.Apartment Hacks: Hide a power strip in a drawer
3. Use wine holder as a towel rack. This is such an easy way to organize your towels in your bathroom, especially if you don't have room for shelves. It's elegant and functional.Apartment Hacks: Use a wine holder as a towel rack
4. Put soda tabs on your hangers to save space in your closet. Do you have a cramped closet? Save all the tabs from your soda cans and place them on the top of your hangers. Now you can hang a second hanger from the other hole in the tab.Apartment Hacks: Use soda tabs to save closet space
5. Label and organize cords with bread tabs. You know those tabs you use to close bread bags? Save them and attach them to the cords behind your computer or TV. Not only will your cords be more organized, but you won't have to guess which cord is which.Apartment Hacks: Use bread tabs to label and organize cords
6. Place your phone in a cup to boost the volume. Do you use your smartphone all the time to listen to music? Do you set your phone's alarm to wake you up every morning? If you don't have any speakers, just place your phone in a cup to amplify your alarm or music.Apartment Hacks: Place your phone in a cup to amplify music or an alarm
7. Use ice to remove furniture indentations in carpet. If you're rearranging your furniture or cleaning up after moving out, this trick might come in handy. Get rid of indentations in your carpet by letting a piece of ice melt into the indentation. After the ice has melted, vacuum over it and work the indentation out by rubbing it with a towel.

Apartment Hacks: Use ice to remove furniture indentations in carpet

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