Expecting guests in your apartment anytime soon?

It is imperative that you get your bathroom in tip top shape before they arrive. But how? The following five items should do the trick.





Sharing a bar of soap is just icky. I scored this yummy scented liquid soap for a buck at Dollar Tree. Big box stores charge two or even three times more for a bottle half this size. If you don’t like your soap on display like this, get yourself a fancy yet affordable soap dispenser from somewhere like Ikea or Target.



After washing your hands, drying them on a communal towel pretty much defeats the purpose of having clean hands. It’s been touched by everyone, and no one knows the last time it’s been thoroughly washed. A roll of paper towels is far more sanitary.




Most people choose not to wash their hands after using the restroom. Encourage your guests on the sly by leaving hand sanitizer within arm’s reach. And since hands tend to dry out after washing, lotion is an extra bonus.



Room sprays like Glade and Airwick just aren’t that effective. Bath & Body Works has an amazing line of home scents (sprays and plug-ins) that last for weeks. At the moment, my powder room smells like grapefruit.


Have you ever been that unlucky guest who got down to the last square on the roll? Ugh. Do you guests a favor and leave an extra roll (or five) within reach.

What items are your must-haves in the guest bathroom?

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