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Monaco Apartments in Jersey City, NJ
Monaco Apartments in Jersey City, NJ

Who doesn’t like to be pampered, surrounded by the very best of things?

Find your perfect apartment now!

So often we reserve that sensation for a hotel visit on a special vacation. Why not create the same atmosphere in your own apartment?

Read on for ways to bring the pampering of a luxury 5-star hotel to your apartment home every day.

Create a soothing palette
Have you noticed that hotel luxury often involves coordinated colors in calming hues? It’s not hard to do the same in your apartment. If painting is okay with your landlord, you might coordinate wall colors in soothing shades. Neutral pastels in blue and green work well mixed with shades of brown and cream. Match window treatments, bedding and rugs to create rich-feeling feng shui in your apartment.

Let there be light
You can’t have true luxury without proper illumination. Go for atmospheric lighting, and avoid too-bright overhead light at all costs. Choose table lamps with care, remembering your tasteful color palette for lamp shades. Darker hues, like the green painted glass of a banker’s lamp, create a rich, focused glow, while lighter-colored lamp shades made of fabric or woven materials add their own texture. Corner torchieres create a tasteful, subdued glow for shadowy spaces.

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Feather your nest
One unmistakable hallmark of luxury living is top-of-the-line bedding. Look for high thread count in sheets and soft, absorbent weaves for towels. Search out the right matching set of bedding in a tasteful color or pattern, including a duvet and cover, dust ruffle and matching accent pillows. Try retailers like Peacock Alley, Serena & Lily, or Bed Bath & Beyond. Your bedtime experience will be missing only a chocolate on the pillow. (Leave one, if you like!)

Pamper yourself with sensual smells
Some of the surprise in a hotel stay is trying out stylish personal care products. You can make your bathing experience similarly luxurious by filling your apartment bathroom with the best-smelling products on the market. Check out Molton Brown and LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics for high-quality soaps and shampoo. (Getting the shampoo into the little bottles is totally up to you.)

Add a little greenery
A healthy plant with vibrant, green leaves or a floral display creates natural luxury in your space. And don’t be afraid to go “faux,” as today’s artificial plants and flowers look more life-like than ever — and you won’t ever have to water them!

Cleanliness is next to luxury
You know how it feels when your apartment is completely, spotlessly clean. Having everything where it belongs instantly elevates the feel of any home. To begin your luxury living, get your apartment spic and span. And if the job seems too daunting to do on a regular basis, consider hiring house-cleaning help to keep your apartment ultra-tidy.

Don’t wait for your next vacation to get a taste of luxury living. With some simple choices, you can make luxury part of the everyday in your apartment home. After all your updates, you may not want to spend the night anywhere else!

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