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Let’s face it: storage is a tricky issue for apartment dwellers.


While it’s fairly easy to put items in basement storage or at an off-site rented locker, these solutions work best for things you don’t need regularly, like extra folding chairs or off-season outdoor equipment.

But what about items that you like to have closer at hand?

Here are five creative ideas for storing items right in your apartment. All it takes is a little imagination, and these ideas can help you keep the things you love close, while saving a lot of space.

Hang it all
For apartment-dwellers, vast areas of open wall are an opportunity waiting to be used. Assemble your baseball cap collection, tennis rackets, decorative beer steins or your porcelain miniatures. Decorative hooks and shelves are all you need to bring a wall to life with your favorite personal items.

Sleep on it
Incorporate under-the-bed drawers to store blankets, sweaters and other bulky items. Many furniture stores offer bed frames with built-in drawers underneath, or you can buy rolling drawers separately. If you choose the latter option, remember to measure the height under your bed and buy drawers that fit.

Think inside the box
Instead of coffee and end tables with open space underneath, use ones which hide space inside. These can be modernist cubes that open from the top or have a door on one side. Another great idea is to use blanket chests or old trunks. Make sure that they have a flat surface for lamps, coffee mugs and other items.

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High-wire act
If your bedroom closet has a standard layout with a shelf above a hanger bar, utilize the entire shelf space up to the closet ceiling. Stackable wire baskets work well for this because they let you see what’s there so you can find what you need quickly. Because the storage is inside the closet, it’s already hidden from general view, so there’s no need to go with solid bins.

It’s in the bag
Rather than storing them away, use your extra handbags, backpacks and small luggage to store other things inside. You might attach closet door hanging bags, or suspend your bags and fill them up with things that fit nicely. You may be able to hang two to six bags per door, depending on their size.

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