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Looking for inspiration for your next craft project? Check out these top 5 blogs for crafting.

You can spend hours on Pinterest or Google searching for that perfect craft project to complete the look of your apartment, home or office. Finding inspiration and motivation can sometimes be tough, especially if some websites give you just pictures, rather than explanations. But we’ve sorted the Web and came up with a list of our five favorite blogs for crafting. Read on for our picks.

The Happy Home
Belinda created The Happy Home to document her journey through renovation, decorating and various projects, as well as raising her three children. Her goal is to create a happy home for her family, which includes livable spaces, creative projects and fun activities. For the holidays, she has tips on unique ways to gift wrap, little DIY steps to create the perfect accessory for your holiday outfit and décor DIY. http://thehappyhomeblog.com/

Michele Made Me
This blog isn’t your ordinary craft blog. Michele, blogger and crafting extraordinaire, creates unique items for around the house by upcycling old materials. She uses her hobbies, such as sewing, quilting, knitting and cutting and pasting to create gold from garbage. More recently, she created a Christmas snowflake ornament using junk mail. http://www.michelemademe.com

Mod Podge Rocks
Her roots are in knitting and sewing, but Amy of Modge Podge Rocks has become a decoupaging genius more recently. In addition to giving tips on transforming dull items into magical pieces, she vlogs on YouTube in addition to her everyday “real life.” On her blog, she walks you through craft projects for every member of your family. This includes patchwork for children’s chairs, holiday cases and coasters. http://modpodgerocksblog.com

Craft Test Dummies
Jenny’s blog, Craft Test Dummies, is a forum for Jenny to test out new crafts, products and techniques without any fluff. If you’re visiting your local crafts store and see a new product but aren’t sure if it will work, then Jenny will help determine its usability. And if you’re stuck this holiday season on what to get for your difficult person on your list, then check out Craft Test Dummies’ gift guides, which walk you through various ideas. http://www.crafttestdummies.com/

Dollar Store Crafts
This daily crafting blog brings you tips and ideas for projects on a budget. The finished products are chic, but getting there doesn’t mean breaking the bank and getting stressed. Most of the materials in projects on Dollar Store Crafts can be found at your local dollar store or the dollar section in various stores. Whether you’re looking for décor, fashion, wedding or kids crafts, Dollar Store Crafts has project ideas for you. http://dollarstorecrafts.com

Do you have a go-to crafting blog?

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