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Summer is over, and there’s a chill in the air. It’s time to put away the patio furniture and pool toys, and get out the pumpkins and cornucopias! Decorating for autumn is a great way to get in the spirit of the season, and decorating doesn’t only have to happen on the outside of your apartment.

There are some awesome and affordable ways that you can add a spice of autumn to the inside of your home, even when you’re renting. Here are five great ideas on how to add a touch of fall to your décor while staying on-budget.

1.  Fruit Bowl

If you’re big on budget decorating, a great way to add some personality to your space is to multitask. You can find items that both add to the décor of a space and be used in your everyday life. One great example is to add a large fruit bowl to an entryway, dining table, kitchen counter, or kitchen table.

Find a large bowl that you already have in your home or purchase a new one; then fill it with seasonal fruit that you would normally tuck away in your fridge. Consider purchasing items like squash, pumpkins, apples, and other items that evoke a sense of the fall.

You can keep them on the table and cook them when you’re ready to eat them. It can also provide an easy snack for guests who visit your lovely home. A fruit bowl is a great way to add a cornucopia element to your home without having to purchase or create an elaborate one yourself.


2. Scented Candles

Fall isn’t just evoked with visual things. There are also smells that people strongly associate with the season. Thus, it’s easy to bring a bit of autumn inside with fall-scented candles. Consider purchasing candles that are scented with nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla or pumpkin.

Light these spicy and fragrant candles when people come over to your home and they’ll immediately be reminded of the best parts of the season. The candles can also create a rustic lighting and ambiance for any household nook or corner.

3. Leaf Wreaths

Wreaths are an easy, budget-friendly DIY décor project, and can be used for much more than just Christmas. A leaf wreath is a fun and easy way to incorporate autumn into your apartment décor. After all, fall is the time when the leaves turn the most beautiful colors.

Visit your local hardware or arts & crafts store to buy some wire or foam to create the frame for the wreath. Use a hot glue gun to attach real or faux leaves to the frame. (Faux leaves will last longer.) Once the wreath is dry, hang it on your front door (the inside or outside) so you can greet guests in fall style.

4. Branches

Because the trees are such an important part of the season, branches are also very effective at evoking a sense of fall. Collect fallen, leafless branches, and use them to decorate inside. Fill an empty glass vase with branches instead of flowers, or bundle branches using a festive, fall-colored ribbon (like gold, orange, or red) for a centerpiece.

Just make sure to check all the branches for bugs, rinse them, and dry them off before decorating with them. This can be a fun artistic project to do with kids as well!

5. Pinecone Garlands

Another tree-related décor tip is to use pinecones in your home. Collect fallen, dried pinecones. Using twine, string the pinecones together into a long garland. Garlands can be hung in your home to frame doorways, line fireplaces, and even to drape across a dining table or kitchen counter.

To attach the pinecones to the twine, use smaller, shorter pieces of twine. Wrap and tie them around each pinecone. Next, tie each smaller piece of twine to one large piece. Pinecones can also be spray-painted using different colors before hanging.

Decorating for fall is a great way to gear up for the change of seasons, since it can sometimes be sad to see summer go. Do you have any special, budget-friendly ways that you decorate your rental home for autumn? Share them with us! Comment below.

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