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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Dorm rooms are filling up with eager students and young adults are moving into their very first apartments.


It's pretty tempting to head straight to Target and fill up a cart (or two) with all the things you so desperately want need. But not so fast! You should adopt a habit of smart shopping, buying as many essentials as you can for just a buck at your local discount chain.

Allow us to demonstrate…

Basic Broom


Dust Pan


Basic Mop


Wash Cloths


Plastic Hangers


That's a total of $5 (before taxes) at Dollar Tree, versus $35 at the big box stores.

If you insist on spending your hard earned money at the mass retailers, take advantage of coupons and sales. Bookmark sites and apps such as Retail Me Not, Price Grabber and to stay abreast of price drops, free shipping and coupon codes.

Are you a savvy shopper? Where do you get all of your apartment essentials?

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