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Pike Place Market. The Seahawks. Rain. Beer. Biking. Hipsters. Organic eats. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. There’s plenty to love about living in Seattle. Whether you feel as if you don’t have a good grasp of the city, or you’re just looking for some hidden gems to discover, these bloggers should definitely be saved to your bookmarks. They know this northwestern corner of the U.S. better than most.

cocokelley A quick Google search for the best or top interior design blogs and you’re sure to come accross this one in no time. Founder Cassandra Lavalle gives you a daily dose of design, fashion and Seattle living all in one place. There’s a regular Room of the Week feature and plenty of inspiration if you’re in a decorating dilemma. For the Seattle dweller who chooses not to go the DIY route, Coco+Kelley also offers an array of services to beautify your home or your upcoming event.

Fresh Jess Talk about someone who knows Seattle! This lovely lady was formerly the events director at the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce. Not only does her blog give insight into the Seattle scene – food and nightlife – you’ll also find that Jess has a thing for hip-hop and English bulldogs. What you may appreciate most about this blog is that it’s a culmination of experiences from a team of young, hip Seattleites. If you’re looking for varied opinions on what it’s like to live it up in The Emerald City, then this is the blog you need to read.

Jeff Croft For the new Seattleite wandering into uncharted territory, Jeff’s comprehensive Seattle neighborhood guide is a gold mine. Seriously. From the northern pockets of Ballard and Green Lake all the way down to Georgetown, this techie has strong but valid opinions on where you should live – and where you shouldn’t. Whatever you’re in the market for – a family-friendly suburb or a luxury apartment in the thick of it all – Jeff’s guide shares the good, the bad and everything in between about Seattle’s most well-known nooks.

Mollie in Seattle From shopping at Bellevue Square to events at Westlake Center near downtown, Mollie in Seattle is your source for all things glamour, fashion and living the life in The Emerald City. Since 2010, Mollie has been keeping Seattle fashionistas in the know by blogging about everything from high-end store openings to blogger meetups. She’s even not afraid to admit that she’s a shoe hoarder who loves a good latte from – where else – Starbucks!

Okay, Seattleites – what local blogs do you think are worth reading?

Photo credits: Apartment Guide via Stephen Matera, CocoKelley, FreshJess, Jeff Croft and Mollie in Seattle



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