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Do-it-yourself projects can save money and give your apartment a unique touch. It's pretty cool being able to point to a coffee table or a canvas on the wall and say, "Hey, I made that." Of course, it's only cool to say that when what you created actually looks good.

I've been making it a goal of mine to finish more DIY projects this year. I tend to see these crafts on Pinterest, pin them, and then never look at them again. The truth is, I think if I had the right supplies to get the job done, I might actually finish a DIY project or two.

Any frequent (or aspiring) DIYer, will want to have the following tools stocked and organized in their apartment for when DIY inspiration strikes.

1. Mod Podge

If you've never heard of this stuff/used it, let me tell you, it's amazing. It might sound like the name of an '80s pop rock band, but this decoupage medium actually comes in handy for a number of different projects.

It acts as a glue and sealant to attach anything from fabric to paper and glitter to a number of different surfaces. With Mod Podge, you can make your own jewelry, decorate mason jars, customize sunglasses, update your nightstand and more.

2. Washi Tape

Even if you have zero craft skills, washi tape is so easy to use. It feels like masking tape, but it's adorned with different colors and patterns, so it's much prettier.

Not sure where to use your washi tape? Here are a few easy project ideas to get you started:

  • Wrap washi tape around a toothpick and cut the tape in a triangle shape to form cute cupcake toppers
  • Adhere washi tape to your keyboard to create colorful keys
  • Line the inside or outside of a lampshade with washi tape of your choice
  • Wrap washi tape around unsightly chargers or routers
  • Cover pieces of tile with strips of washi tape to create coasters

3. A Drill

Every DIYer should have a power drill in their arsenal of craft supplies.

Yes, it can be a pricey item, but if you craft often, the drill will end up paying for itself. Use it to put furniture together, hang art on the wall or make your own jewelry.

4. A Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun can be a quick and easy alternative to sewing, and once you apply the glue, there is very little drying time. This DIY tool is especially perfect if you love to make jewelry and little decorative projects. I plan on using my glue gun to create a monogram out of all my leftover wine corks.

Hot glue is also great for fixing things, like putting that handle back on your favorite mug or reattaching the bottom of your shoe. No matter what you end up making with your glue gun, just make sure you proceed with caution. After all, it has "hot" in its name for a reason.

5. A Sewing Kit

Don't quite have the funds for a sewing machine yet? Then a simple sewing kit will do.

It typically contains mini scissors, needle threaders, and some colored thread so you can sew buttons and embellishments onto that new pillow you just made or fix the tear in your favorite shirt.

Don't have the first clue about sewing? Watch a few tutorials on YouTube to help get you started.

6. A Rotary Cutter

If you plan on working with fabric, you'll definitely want to have a rotary cutter on hand. This tool can slice through fabric like a knife slices through butter. Of course, a rotary cutter can be used to cut other thicker items as well, such as cardboard or foam board.

Make sure you have a gridded cutting mat to go along with your rotary cutter. You don't want to cut your fabric directly on your kitchen counters, as the tool could easily make marks and scuffs on their surface. Plus, the mat allows you to form straight, precise lines.

7. Scissors

Scissors are a must-have for any crafter, but you can no longer get away with that dull pair sitting in the back of your drawer.

Invest in new pairs of regular scissors and fabric scissors to help you out with any DIY project you want to tackle.

8. Paint Tarps

As you probably know, DIY projects can tend to get messy quickly. Paint tarps are always there to help clean up that mess.

Whether you're painting, using lots of glitter or spray painting something, lay down a tarp beforehand to prevent your floors or rugs from getting stained. If you do make a mess, try making your own DIY cleaning spray.

9. Painter's Tape

You can't get accurate lines while painting if you don't have painter's tape.

Use the tape to paint an accent wall in your apartment (if your landlord allows), or wrap some of the tape around kitchen utensils like ladles and wooden spoons to give them a quick splash of color.

10. Measuring Tape

Building a new coffee table or bookcase for your apartment? You'll need this tool to measure the room in which you're placing these items to make sure there's space.

From hanging wall art to sizing fabric, a measuring tape will come in handy throughout your DIY days!




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