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3... 2... 1... Move!  Don't forget these key details that affect your move.
3… 2… 1… Move! Don't forget these key details that affect your move.

Moving requires timing and organization to ensure all the important details are taken care of.


All that activity can actually be fun if you’ve done your homework and planned the move well.

Careful organization before, during and after your relocation is the key to conquering a move. Check out these ten details you should not forget on Moving Day.

Ideally, you should wake up on your moving day with boxes already packed and labeled, movers organized and business matters (like your lease, first month’s rent and new utility hook-ups) already taken care of. You should also have a "priority box" packed and labeled with the things you will need right away at your new digs.

End well at your old place

1. Add any last-minute items you have to your Priority Box, including medications, toiletries, cell phone charger and cleaning supplies. Prepare a cooler of food and refreshments for everyone. If it’s going to be a hot day, pack extra drinks!

2. Look after all your living charges, whether that means your kids, plants, cat or dog, or your pet guppy. Make sure that any sitters, playdates, meals or special transport you’ve arranged go smoothly so you can focus on the move knowing that those in your care are safe and content.

3. Next, take care of your old apartment. Deal with any last-minute cleaning needed to prepare for your landlord’s walk-through inspection, disconnect and prepare appliances you plan to take, and leave the place free of trash.

4. Remember that you shouldn’t lose any security deposit money for normal wear and tear, but if your old apartment has been damaged, a landlord may deduct repair costs. You and your landlord should resolve these issues clearly during the walk-through. Remember to lock up, turn over your keys and leave a forwarding address.

5. After you pick up your truck or your movers arrive, be sure the truck is parked legally and that there’s plenty of space between the truck ramp and nearby cars. Ensure that movers, whether professional or just friends, know which boxes and items are fragile so extra care can be taken. The truck should be snugly packed so items don’t shift in transport.

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Transition time

6. Before moving in, perform a walk-through with your new landlord. Make sure electricity and other utilities are working. Clarify which stairs or elevators are available for the move and any other ground rules you’re expected to follow while moving in.

7. Coordinate your crew. Be sure everyone helping out has maps and necessary cell phone numbers, and that you know where to get the key and park the truck before you arrive.

8. Whether you rented a truck or hired movers, check for any damage to the truck or contents that occurred en route and make note of these.

Moving in: easy does it!

9. Have your movers place boxes and furniture directly into the correct rooms. This will save time and effort over the next week or two as you unpack. Be sure the priority box is front and center, where you have easy access.

10. Don’t sweat it after this. Share a tasty takeout meal with your friends, or pay and thank your professional movers. Then, get an early night. The fun of moving in has just begun, and you’ll need to wake up refreshed tomorrow!

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