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When you were hunting for an apartment, you probably zoned in on just a few must haves – an affordable price in a convenient location that allows pets. You’re not hard to please, right?

Depending on your specific community, there could be a whole world of cool amenities and features right outside your front door that you're missing out on. And guess what? You're paying for these amenities every month!

Take my advice: don't fall into the trap of not taking advantage of what’s available to you. I'll admit that I’m totally guilty of this myself. I lived in a community in Duluth, GA that had not one but two swimming pools, a workout facility, tennis court, soccer field and a car wash all on-site. Did I ever partake in these convenient amenities? I used the pool and the car wash once over a four year period.

If you like the convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips, then an apartment with lots of amenities is right up your alley. Not only will you be able to have a good time without going far, but partaking in what your community offers is the best opportunity to meet your neighbors. So get out there, mix and mingle!


This is an easy way to have fun for free. If you’re planning a birthday party or social gathering, ask your leasing office if this public space is available for your guests to enjoy. These are usually in a common room, where you can spend some time lounging around and getting to know your neighbors.

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Fitness studio

Gym memberships aren’t cheap, and if you have something in your building, you save the money and hassle of having to go somewhere else like that. Even just the standard of a couple treadmills and some free weights and machines are a great benefit, and some even include free classes.

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Multi-purpose gaming room

For the kid at heart, game rooms are a fun perk. Some places go beyond just the billiard table above, including more games like foosball, ping pong, and air hockey. Some are even equipped with large TVs, perfect for bringing a console and setting up a group video game gathering.

Toddler room

Outdoor playgrounds are to be expected. When it’s chilly outside and the kids are bored, having an indoor play area could be the answer to your prayers. Amenities like these are beneficial if you prefer to limit your children’s TV and technology time. Not only can kids play and interact like they’re supposed to, but you can make some new friends, too. Network with other parents in your apartment community. You might even find a reliable sitter or set up a monthly play date with other parents.

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Tanning bed

If occasional tanning is your thing, you'll appreciate having a tanning bed in your apartment community. Even if this amenity is free, we caution you not to overdo it. Seriously, do you really want to scare the neighbors with your new Tan Mom makeover?


A day at the spa can be pretty pricey. If it's not in your budget to spend big bucks on a massage, take advantage of your community's spa, sauna or steam room. This feature meets the demand of residents who crave a high-end renting experience.

High-end fitness facilities

Do you like something more varied than a treadmill or lifting weights? Many apartments are more than willing to accommodate that. Tennis courts and basketball courts are frequently offered as a way to get your heart rate going, and have more fun that just repetitive exercise along the way.

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Movie theater

Why spend your hard-earned cash at the movie theater when you can watch flicks in your community's cinema? Private screenings, scheduled movie nights and free popcorn are fairly common, but be sure to ask what's happening in your specific community. Free date night, anyone?

Wine cellar

These often come with nights set aside for wine tastings, a great opportunity to spend more time with your neighbors. Have fun, and drink responsibly.

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Gift wrapping station

During the rush of the holiday season, this amenity is a must. Spend more time shopping while someone else does all the wrapping for you. Go head, take credit for those perfectly wrapped gifts. We won't tell!

Bike storage/maintenance

More people are using bikes all the time, especially in areas where you’ll find large apartment complexes. If you’re looking to use a bike a lot, look to see how well they store the bikes, and if you’re lucky, you can find an apartment that has people on-site who can help you when your bike needs maintenance.

Really pet friendly

A lot of apartments allow pets, but how many of them are really, overly pet friendly? Look for ones that offer free dog treats near the office, community playtime for all the dogs and owners to get to know each other, and well-marked dog walking paths and parks. You and your dog will be grateful you spent the extra time looking.

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If you think these are cool, there's a whole world of unique apartment amenities out there that we haven't even touched on. How would you like wake-up calls, after school care, free wifi and 24-hour on-site childcare?

We want to hear from you: What's the best amenity your apartment community offers?



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