best breweries in chicago

Have you ever taken time to explore the nation’s small, lesser-known beer brewers? Craft beers at these breweries are often produced by experienced brew masters that appreciate a beer’s complex flavor profile and brewing process. Some even offer tours, allowing consumers to watch the brewing process. As the third most populous city in the United States, Chicago is no stranger to these local gems. Whether you’re spending a day checking out the view from the Willis Tower, sampling the city’s local fare or shopping in The Loop, celebrate the end of a day by sampling a beer that was locally brewed in Chicago.


Big-city living isn't all it's cracked up to be. Not only will you find plenty of small-town charm if you live in a less populated town; you'll also save money. Apartment Guide found America's most affordable cities -- the top 10 cities with the least expensive median rent prices -- and we dug up a few cool facts about these hidden gems as well.

1. Florence - Muscle Shoals, AL

Median rent: $395 Named after the city in Italy, the northwestern Alabama town of Florence not only boasts the cheapest rent in the nation; it’s also the home of the University of North Alabama. Music lovers are in luck; artists from all over the country come to Florence each summer for the W.C. Handy Music Festival. It originally focused on blues and jazz, but now includes rock, gospel, country and more.

There’s an old saying about both fish and house guests smelling after three days, so take that as a warning to not overstay your welcome at a friend or family member’s home. Instead, arrange before you visit how long you will be there, making sure it’s no longer than two days. If you need to stay somewhere longer, offer to go to a nearby hotel for part of the trip. It may not be the most economical solution, but it will ensure you and the host remain friends after the visit. After you’ve scheduled your visit, follow even one of the tips below, and you’ll always be the guest invited to come back and stay awhile.

sublet apartment

Subletting is a unique renting situation in that you'll only be in the apartment for a few months instead of the whole lease term. As such, the etiquette and rules for subletting are different than signing a lease for a…

Living with a roommate can be great, but it can also test the limits of your patience. The most challenging apartment roommate may very well be whomever is currently living under the same roof with you. Check out these nine types of roommates you’ll likely recognize. From the Clean Freak to the Night Owl, some of these types really put the 'apart-' in apartment!